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Lophphllid Corals

Plate 6--All figures 3 times natural size. In each transverse section the counter septum is placed at the top). A higher-resolution PDF version is available.

Fig. 1-2, Lophophyllidium magnificum, n. sp., lower Boggy shale, Des Moines series, Pennsylvanian, at NW sec. 22, T. 2 S., R. 7 E., southeast of Ada, Oklahoma.--1a-c, Transverse sections of specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 175-21b).--2a-e, Type specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 175-21a). a, Longitudinal section. b-e, Transverse sections.

Fig. 3-4, Lophophyllidium newelli, n. sp., middle Savanna formation, Des Moines series Pennsylvanian, from center south side sec. 34, T. 3 N., A. 13 E., Oklahoma.--3a-c, Transverse sections of specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 2562-21d).--4a-d, Type specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 2562-21b). a, Longitudinal section. b-d, Transverse sections.

Black and white drawings of cross and transverse sections of  2 Lophopyllidium species

Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web September 2005; originally published November 30, 1942.
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