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Kansas Geological Survey, Open File Report 97-14

Digital Petroleum Atlas Annual Report 1996

Kansas Digital Petroleum Atlas HomePage

The Kansas DPA HomePage provides numerous paths and tools to access Kansas petroleum information and technology at the play, field, reservoir and well levels ( Access is provided to reviews of the regional geological setting, overviews of oil and gas plays and to information and technology at the county, field and well levels. All the Kansas information and technology that is included was assembled as part of the first year prototype of the digital petroleum atlas.

Kansas Regional Geologic Setting.--A regional geological setting page provides access to statewide gravity and magnetic maps and to a map of the oil and gas provinces in Kansas ( The gravity and magnetic maps were constructed using data maintained by the Kansas Geological Survey. The gravity and magnetic maps are available to the user on-line with a number of statewide overlays: outlines of the oil and gas fields, post-Mississippian structure, Precambrian structure and county lines. The user simply toggles among the various overlays. Resolution is limited by screen size, but more detailed gravity and magnetic maps can be downloaded at different scales and in a variety of formats ( potential.html). The geologic province map of Kansas ( Plays/ksProv.html) displays the main oil and gas provinces of Kansas (Figure 7). The oil and gas provinces are displayed as defined by the Kansas Geological Survey and the US Geological Survey (1995). The geologic province map functions as a graphical user interface to provide access to more detailed geologic and petroleum information for each geologic province.

As an example, a click on the Anadarko Basin Province ( Anadarko/anadarko.html) produces a map of the oil and gas fields and to links to regional geologic and play information. The Anadarko Basin Province map is another active GUI that in turn provides further access to county maps and through the county maps to field, reservoir and well information. Included on the Anadarko Basin Province page are movies that show Permian and Pre-Permian exploration histories in Kansas. The movies require Quick-Time (a commonly available World-Wide-Web helper application). Also available is access to a general discussion of the regional Mid-continent geology and exploration history (again with animation), and to play level information for each of the seventeen individual plays recognized in the Anadarko Basin Province. To illustrate, clicking on the Morrowan Sandstone Oil and Gas play ( yields a map showing the distribution of leases that have produced oil or gas from the Morrowan (Figure 8a). Again, this map is another active GUI that provides access to additional information at the county level. Located below the map for Morrowan oil and gas reservoirs in the Anadarko Basin Province are plots for accumulation size versus discovery date (Figure 8b). In addition to GUI access based on a map of geologic provinces the user can access the same Kansas play information through a series of expanding play lists ( Basic information for each Kansas oil and gas play is available on-line and can be downloaded to a vistorís computer with a click of the mouse.

Kansas County Information.-- On the Kansas Digital Petroleum Atlas HomePage, a map of Kansas counties provides a graphical user interface and active links to annual oil and gas production data, maps of oil and gas fields, and geologic and geophysical information at the county scale (Figure 6, Clicking on a county highlighted in solid gold provides access to a county-wide map of the oil and gas fields and a generalized geologic column (Figure 9, In turn, the county map and geologic column are graphical user interfaces that provide access to additional information and interpretative products. Clicking on any of the highlighted horizons on the geologic column produces the same county-wide oil and gas field map overlain with the selected mapped horizon (structure or isopach). As an option the user can click on the "next page-previous page" buttons below the county map to drill down through the column. In addition, buttons are provided to access county-wide gravity and magnetic maps, and expanding lists of plays and fields located in the county. Clicking on a fieldís name on the county map provides access to individual field information. If the field has not been included in the DPA, the user will obtain basic geologic information and historical production. If the field is included in the DPA, the user will see the field level homepage (ex. Arroyo or Big Bow fields in Stanton County). Cross-hatched counties contain only oil and gas maps and access to annual oil and gas production files. Counties that are not highlighted are limited to annual oil and gas production.

Kansas Oil and Gas Fields.--As part of first year of the prototype DPA project, studies were undertaken at three Kansas fields. The three fields are:

In addition, as part of a technology transfer effort the Class 2 field study and demonstration project funded by the US Department of Energy at Schaben Field (Mississippian, Osagian carbonates) in Ness County was added to the DPA (, DE-FC22-93BC14987). New data and research products are added to each field study as they become available. Publication in the DPA is an ongoing process that continuously updates the data and technology associated with each field study.

Each field study homepage provides a map of the field area, basic field and discovery information, and a standardized set of links to additional geologic, geophysical, engineering and production data (Figure 10,

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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-File Report 97-14
Placed online February 1997
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