Collaborative Geo-Engineering Reservoir
Characterization and Modeling on the Web

Kansas Geological Survey

Open File 2004-36


Petrophysical Modeling and PfEFFER



Pay cut-offs applied to a Super Pickett crossplot. Vsh used to define gross pay, porosity cut-off is used to isolate permeable reservoir, and water saturation is used to define zones with economic oil cut. Critical bulk volume water, varying according to pore type, is used to estimate water cut. Critical BVW will generally be higher for reservoir rock with smaller pores.


PfEFFER Log Analysis Module



Once PfEFFER is launched for a particular well, the user is able to access all the zones being examined and analyze them.



Computational dialog for Lansing J


Well information and well parameter dialogs including key information about well and reservoir. Dialog also provides entry point to various activities in the log analysis module. Data can be easily downloaded.


Integrated Log Analysis and Volumetrics

Last Modified August 2004