Depositional Model and Exploration Potential in the St. Louis Carbonates Beneath the Hugoton Field of Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-8

Pleasant Prairie Pool Study Model and Analagous Pool Studies

Sand Arroyo Creek Field
T29S-40W Sections 25-27, 34-36
T30S-40W Section 2

Method of Exploration
The discovery well , Frederick Yardley, was drilled in 1995 based on a combination of 3D seismic and subsurface geology.

Nature of Trap
The Mississippian St. Louis produces on a structural nosing with porosity controlling production. The structure controls water production with the structurally lower wells producing water. The reservoir drive mechanism appears to be a gas drive with some associated water.

Lithology of the Pay Zone
The St. Louis porosity zones are made up of ooid-skeletal grainstones. Samples are described as a tan to brown limestone with medium sized ooites.

Winfield Structure
Contour Interval = 10 feet

St. Louis Structure
Contour Interval = 10 feet

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