Depositional Model and Exploration Potential in the St. Louis Carbonates Beneath the Hugoton Field of Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-8

Regional Structural Features of the Hugoton Study Area

Isopach of the Winfield to Meramec reflects the structure of the Mississippian Meramec at the time of the Lower Permian Winfield deposition. Irregularities of the Mississippian erosional surface can create interpretation problems in small areas. However, the erosional surface irregularities are quite small compared to regional deformation. The isopach can be used to interpret hydrocarbon migration pathways at Lower Permian time. The structural anomalies have charged reservoirs in the Meramec. An integrated detailed analysis utilizing structure, isopach intervals, dip slope trends, geophysics and residual maps with subsurface reservoirs studies can enable you to interpret trends that have potential for Meramec production.

Winfield to Meramec Isopach Map
Contour Interval = 50 feet

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Last updated March 2002