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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2000-31

Figure 13

Figure 13. Map of the subsurface bedrock topography in Nemaha, Brown, western Doniphan, northern Jackson, western Atchison, and northwestern Jefferson counties in northeastern Kansas from Denne et al (1998). A major northwest-southeast trending buried valley system is present beneath the glacial deposits in Nemaha and northern Jackson counties. The axis of this buried valley system is within a few miles of the southwestern edge of the Kickapoo Indian reservation. Shown on the map as dots are the public water-supply well locations taken from the WWC-5 records of water-well completion. The numbers next to the dots indicate the number of wells at each location. Shown by a dashed line also is the trend of a glacial outwash deposit in Brown County taken from Bayne and Schowe (1967).

location of public water-supply wells overlain on subsurface bedrock topography

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Kansas Geological Survey, Geohydrology
Placed online December 2000
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