Guidance for Changing a Boundary or the Name of a Stratigraphic Unit

Any proposed new or revised change to Kansas stratigraphy has to be published in a respected peer-reviewed journal. Proposed change should address each of the requirements of the North American Stratigraphic Code (2005), specifically Article 3 as outlined here.

Requirements for Formally Named Geologic Units (Art. 3)

  • Publication (Art. 4)
  • Intent to designate or modify a formal unit (Art. 5)
  • Designation of category and rank of unit (Art. 6)
  • Selection and derivation of name (Art. 7)
  • Specification of stratotypes (Art. 8)
    • Location of type and reference sections, include map or air photo.
    • Subsurface reference section if practical.
  • Description of units (Art. 9)
    • Detailed measured sections and graphic log
    • Subsurface E log if applicable
  • Definition of boundary (Art. 10)
    • Justification for change
  • Historical background (Art. 11)
  • Dimensions, shape, and other regional aspects (Art. 12)
    • Extent of outcrop
    • Extent in the subsurface
    • Extent beyond the state's borders
  • Geologic age (Art. 13)
  • Correlations (Art. 14)
  • Genesis (where applicable) (Art. 15)
  • Subsurface units (Art. 16)
  • References