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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2022-2

Lithostratigraphic Correlations of the Upper Desmoinesian and Missourian Stages (Pennsylvanian) in Eastern Kansas

by Stephan C. Oborny and Franek Hasiuk

KGS Open File Report 2022-2
April 26, 2022


Upper Desmoinesian through Missourian Stage strata (Pennsylvanian; approximately equivalent to Upper Carboniferous Moscovian through Kasimovian Stages) were re-correlated by means of a series of petrophysical well log transects. These transects incorporate 243 well logs in eastern Kansas, westernmost Missouri, and northeastern Oklahoma at an approximate resolution of one log per six miles. Transects were arranged in a grid and in such a way as to be orthogonal or parallel to known structural elements in the region. This approach permitted circular unit correlation and provided a coherent framework for interpreting both stratigraphic and structural elements in this part of the midcontinent.

The complete report is available as a PDF file.

Kansas Geological Survey
Placed online April 27, 2022
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