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Rick Miller

Senior Scientist, Exploration Services Section, Kansas Geological Survey

Address Information

Kansas Geological Survey
1930 Constant Avenue
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66047-3724
Phone: 785-864-2091
FAX: 785-812-0208
Photo of Rick Miller

Present Scientific Interests

His research interest and expertise are focused on high resolution shallow seismic reflection.

Professional Experience

He has been principal investigator on 93 grants/contracts over the last 22 years. Significant findings from these studies have resulted in 79 refereed journal articles and approximately 200 other published technical works. Experience in applied shallow reflection research has included study areas in 33 US states and 7 foreign countries. A listing of publications, including journal articles and KGS open-file reports is available.

Honors and Memberships

  • Research Achievement Award, University of Kansas, 2008.
  • Merriam Research Award, Kansas Geological Survey, 2008.
  • The Distinguished Achievement Award, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, 2002.
  • President's Certificate for Excellence in Presentation (Poster), Energy Minerals Div. of AAPG, 2002.
  • University of Kansas Unclassified employee of the Month, May 2002.
  • Hal Mooney Award (for scientific and technical excellence and innovation leading to the advancement of near-surface geophysics), Near-Surface Geophysics Sec. of the Soc. of Expl. Geophysicists, 1995.
  • Member, American Geophysical Union (AGU), Geophysical Society of Kansas (GSK), Near-Surface Geophysics Section of SEG (NSG), Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), National Eagle Scout Association (NESA).

Professional Service Distinctions

  • SEG, Special Issue Editor, The Leading Edge: Nov. 2008 (v. 27, n. 11), near surface; May 2008 (v. 27, n. 5), resolution limits; Jan. 2008 (v. 27, n. 1), mining geophysics; Aug. 2007 (v. 26, n. 8), near-surface/seismic to radar; February 2007 (v. 26, n. 2), lower 48; October 2006 (v. 25, n. 10), carbon sequestration/EOR; June 2006 (v. 25, n. 6), hydrogeophysics; Mar. 2006 (v. 25, n. 3), geophysics and public safety; May 2005 (v. 24, n. 5), carbonates; Jul. 2004 (v. 23, n. 7), near-surface problems and solutions.
  • SEG Editorial Board for The Leading Edge, 2004-09. Chairman-Elect, 2007-08. Chairman, 2008-09.
  • SEG Publications Policy Board 2008-09.
  • Geophysical Society of Kansas, Editor, 2005-09.
  • SEG Near-Surface Geophysics Section Publications Committee 2008-Present. Chairman.
  • SEG District Representative to Council, 1989-94.


  • B.A., Physics (Minor, Chemistry), Benedictine College, 1980.
  • M.S., Physics, Emphasis Geophysics, University of Kansas, 1983.
  • Ph.D., Geophysics (with honors), University of Leoben, Austria, 2007.

Selected Journal Publications

Miller, R.D., J. Xia, and D.W. Steeples, 2009, Seismic reflection characteristics of naturally-induced subsidence affecting transportation: Journal of Earth Science, Springer, in press.

Miller, R.D., J. Xia, and C.B. Park, 2005, Seismic techniques to delineate dissolution features (Karst) at a proposed power plant site: Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Investigations in Geophysics 13, Dwain K. Butler, ed., Near-Surface Geophysics, 663-679.

Miller, R.D., A. Villella, J. Xia, and D.W. Steeples, 2005, Seismic investigation of a salt dissolution feature in Kansas: Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Investigations in Geophysics 13, Dwain K. Butler, ed., Near-Surface Geophysics, 681-694.

Miller, R.D., J.A. Hunter, W.E. Doll, B.J. Carr, and T.S. Collett, 2005, High-resolution seismic imaging of the gas hydrate stability zone at the Mallik L-38 research site: ed. S.R. Dallimore and T.S. Collett, Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 585, 14 p.

Miller, R.D., 2003, High-resolution seismic-reflection investigation of a subsidence feature on U.S. High-way 50 near Hutchinson, Kansas; in K.S. Johnson and J.T. Neal, eds., Evaporite Karst and Engineering/Environmental Problems in the United States: Oklahoma Geo. Survey Circular 109, 157-167.

Miller, R.D., W.L. Watney, D.K. Begay, and J. Xia, 2000, High-resolution seismic reflection to delineate shallow gas in eastern Kansas: Compass, 75 (2/3), 134-145.

Miller, R.D., and J. Xia, 1998, Large near-surface velocity gradients on shallow seismic reflection data: Geophysics, 63 (4), 1348-1356.

Miller, R.D., A. Villella, and J. Xia, 1997, Shallow high resolution seismic reflection to delineate upper 400 m around a collapse feature in central Kansas: AAPG Division of Environmental Geosciences Journal, 4 (3), 119-126.

Miller, R.D., J. Xia, R.S. Harding, J.T. Neal, J.W. Fairborn, and D.W. Steeples, 1995, Seismic investigation of a surface collapse feature at Weeks Island Salt Dome, Louisiana: AAPG Division of Environ-mental Geo-sciences Journal, 2 (2), 104-112.

Miller, R.D., R.D. Markiewicz, C. Merey, J. Xia, and C.G. Maples, 1995, Improvements in shallow high resolution seismic reflection through PC based systems: Computers & Geosciences, 21 (8), 957-964.

Miller, R.D., and D.W. Steeples, 1995, Applications of shallow high resolution seismic reflection to various mining operations: Mining Engineering, April, 355-361.

Miller, R.D., N.L. Anderson, H.R. Feldman, and E.K. Franseen, 1995, Vertical resolution of a seismic survey in stratigraphic sequences less than 100 m deep in SE Kansas: Geophysics, 60, 423-430.

Miller, R.D., S.E. Pullan, D.W. Steeples, and, J.A. Hunter, 1994, Field comparison of shallow P-Wave seismic sources near Houston, Texas: Geophysics, 59, 1713-1728.

Miller, R.D., W.E. Doll, C. Merey, and W.E. Black, 1994, Applications of shallow high resolution seismic reflection to environmental problems: AAPG Div. of Environmental Geosciences Journal, 1 (1), 32-39.

Miller, R.D., and D.W. Steeples, 1994, Applications of shallow high-resolution seismic reflection to various environmental problems: Journal of Applied Geophysics, 31, 65-72.

Miller, R.D., D.W. Steeples, L. Schulte, and J. Davenport, 1993, Shallow seismic-reflection feasibility study of the salt dissolution well field at Hutchinson, Kansas, facility: Mining Engineer-ing, October, 1291-1296.

Miller, R.D., 1992, Normal moveout stretch mute on shallow-reflection data: Geophysics, 57, 1502-1507.

Miller, R.D., V. Saenz, and R. Huggins, 1992, Feasibility of CDP seismic reflection to image structures in a 220-m deep, 3-m thick coal seam near Palau, Coahuila, Mexico: Geophysics, 57, 1373-1380.

Miller, R.D., S.E. Pullan, D.W. Steeples, and J.A. Hunter, 1992, Field comparison of shallow seismic sources near Chino, California: Geophysics, 57, 693-709.

Miller, R.D., and D.W. Steeples, 1991, Detecting voids in a 0.6-m coal seam, 7 m deep, using seismic reflection: Geoexploration, Elsevier Science Pub. B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 28, 109-119.

Miller, R.D., D.W. Steeples, R. Hill, and B. Gaddis, 1990, Identifying intra-alluvial and bedrock structures shallower than 30 meters using seismic reflection techniques: Soc. Explor. Geophys., Investigations in Geophysics n. 5, Stan Ward, ed., Volume 3: Geotechnical, 89-97.

Miller, R.D., D.W. Steeples, and P.B. Myers, 1990, Shallow seismic-reflection survey across the Meers fault, Oklahoma: GSA Bulletin, 102, 18-25.

Miller, R.D., and D.W. Steeples, 1990, A shallow seismic reflection survey in basalts of the Snake River Plain, Idaho: Geophysics, 55, 761-768.

Miller, R.D., D.W. Steeples, and M. Brannan, 1989, Mapping a bedrock surface under dry alluvium with shallow seismic reflections: Geophysics, 54, 1528-1534.

Miller, R.D., S.E. Pullan, J.S. Waldner, and F.P. Haeni, 1986, Field comparison of shallow seismic sources: Geophysics, 51, 2067-2092.

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