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Elk County Geohydrology

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Geology, Mineral Resources, and Ground-Water Resources of Elk County, Kansas

Part 1--Rock Formations of Elk County

by George J. Verville; Abstracted for this report by John M. Jewett

Part 2--Mineral Resources of Elk County

by Robert Kulstad, Norman Plummer, Walter H. Schoewe, and Edwin D. Goebel

Part 3--Ground-water Resources of Elk County

by Charles K. Bayne

Originally published in 1958 as Kansas Geological Survey Volume 14.

This online version has been created because the published version is currently out of print. This is, in general, the original text as reprinted in 1958. The information has not been updated. Also, the photos are not available at this time in this electronic version.

You may also wish to visit our web site on the Elk County geologic map.

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Web version July 2002. Original publication date July 1958.
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