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Annual Report, FY91--Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Executive Summary

Introduction and Statement of the Problem

Description and Use of the Aquifer

Program Overview

FY91 Activities and Results

Geologic Framework
Expansion of the Geologic Data Base in South-Central and Southwestern Kansas
Development and Interpretation of the Southwestern and South-Central Kansas Geologic Data Base
Geophysical Log Analysis of Aquifer Properties in the Dakota Aquifer Framework
The gamma-ray log
Porosity logs
Resistivity logs
Regional Gamma-Ray Gray-Level Intensity Cross-Section Images of the Permian-Cretaceous Sequence
Construction of the Monitoring Sites in Cloud, Lincoln, Hodgeman, and Finney Counties Cloud County Monitoring Site Lincoln County Site Hodgeman County Site Finney County Site
Description of and Results from the Slug and Pumping Tests Conducted at the Monitoring Sites in FY91
Geohydrology of the Dakota Aquifer in Washington and Republic Counties Geologic Framework Flow Systems Application to the Dakota aquifer Modeling Efforts and Results Determination of Recharge Rate Determination of the Effects of Pumping
Regional Ground-Water Flow Modeling of Southeastern Colorado and Kansas
Vertical Cross-Section Hydrostratigraphy High Plains and Alluvial Valley Aquifers Upper Cretaceous Aquitard Dakota Aquifer Kiowa Shale Aquitard Morrison-Dockum Aquifer Permian-Pennsylvania Aquitard Evaporite Aquitard Permian Sandstone Aquifer Deep Carbonate Aquifer
Research Methodology
Field Survey and Pumping-Test Sites
Water-Quality Distribution Maps
Water-Quality Use Assessment for Water Supplies
Factors Controlling Water Chemistry
Coupled Geochemical and Mass Transport Model
GIS-Data Base Management Activities

Liaison Activities with Federal, Other State, and Local Agencies and the Public

Relationship of the FY91 Dakota Aquifer Program to Future Research Directions


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