Improved Oil Recovery in Mississippian
Carbonate Reservoirs of Kansas -- Near Term
Class 2


The Kansas Class 2 project is an effort to introduce Kansas producers to potentially useful technologies and to demonstrate these technologies in actual oil field operations. In addition, advanced technology was tailored specifically to the scale appropriate to the operations of Kansas producers. The majority of Kansas production is operated by small independent producers that do not have resources to develop and test advanced technologies (90% of the 3,000 Kansas producers have less than 20 employees). For Kansas producer's, access to new technology is important for sustaining production and increasing viability. A major emphasis of the project is collaboration of university scientists and engineers with the independent producers and service companies operating in Kansas to accelerate adaptation and evaluation of new technologies. An extensive technology transfer effort is being undertaken to inform other operators of the project results. In addition to traditional technology transfer methods (for example, reports; trade, professional, and technical publications; workshops; and seminars), a public domain relational database and computerized display package are available through the Internet. The goal is figuratively to provide access to data and technology to independent producers in their office.

Project design, methodologies, data, and results are being disseminated through focused technology transfer activities. These activities include development of cost-effective technologies and software (e.g. PFEFFER, "Pseudoseismic"), open-file reports; publication in trade, professional, and technical publications; workshops and seminars; and the establishment of public access through the Internet to the data, technologies and project results domain relational database and computerized display package. The target audience includes other operators in the demonstration area, operators of other Mississippian sub-unconformity dolomite reservoirs in Kansas, operators of analogous shallow shelf carbonate reservoirs in the Mid-continent, and technical personnel involved in reservoir development and management.

Cooperative Agreement Number DE-FC22-93BC14987
Award Date September 18, 1994
Principal Investigators Timothy R. Carr (Program Manager), Don W. Green, G. Paul Wilhite
Project Manager Chandra Nautiyal, Bartlesville Project Office
Participating Organizations University of Kansas Center for Research Inc.,University of Kansas Energy Research Center, Kansas Geological Survey, Tertiary Oil Recovery Project of Lawrence Kansas, Ritchie Exploration Inc. of Wichita, Kansas

Updated June 2000
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