Site Description

The Schaben demonstration site consists of 1,720 contiguous acres within Schaben field, located in Township 19 South--Range 21 West, Township 20 South--Range 21 West, and Township 19 South--Range 22 West, Ness County, Kansas (Figure 1.2). The leases comprising the demonstration sites are highlighted in Figure 1.2. This site is located in the upper shelf of the Hugoton Embayment of the Anadarko Basin and produces oil from dolostones and limestones of the lower Meramecian Warsaw Limestone and Osagian Keokuk Limestone (Mississippian) at depths of 4,350-4,410 feet.

Schaben field, discovered in 1963, consists of 78 completed oil wells spaced primarily on 40acre locations (Figure 1.3). Cumulative field production as of September 1996 was 9.1 million barrels of oil (BO), and daily field production was 326 BOPD from 51 wells. Wells in the Schaben demonstration site have cumulatively produced 3,593,609 BO, with current (June 1993) daily production totaling 141 BOPD from 29 wells. In addition to production from the Mississippian, one well produces oil from the Cherokee Group and the Fort Scott Limestone, however, the relative volume of oil produced from these secondary zones is small. The Schaben demonstration site contains 6 plugged and abandoned oil wells, 27 actively producing oil wells, and 2 water disposal wells.

The Schaben Field demonstration site is located on the western flank of the Central Kansas uplift at the western edge of the Mississippian Osagian subcrop beneath the sub-Pennsylvanian unconformity.

Updated June 2000
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