Developed by Geoffrey C. Bohling and John H. Doveton, Mathematical Geology Section, Kansas Geological Survey
Release date: October 2000
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Kipling.xla is an add-in for Excel 97 and Excel 2000 that can be used for modeling and prediction of both discrete and continuous data. Kipling can be used for either nonparametric regression or nonparametric discriminant analysis, developing a model for the prediction of either a continuous variable (such as permeability) or a categorical variable (such as facies) based on a set of underlying predictor variables (a set of well logs, for example). It can also be run in both modes simultaneously, developing different regression-type relationships for data from different categories.

Kipling was developed at the Kansas Geological Survey primarily for well log analysis applications. In particular, Kipling can easily be used in conjunction with the PfEFFER well log analysis package, also developed as a set of Excel add-ins. However, the methodology is highly generalized, so that Kipling can be applied to almost any kind of data.

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System Requirements

Kipling.xla is an Excel add-in that runs under Excel 97 or Excel 2000. It will not run under earlier versions of Excel, and there is no guarantee that it will run under later versions. Because Kipling lives entirely within Excel, there are really no other system requirements involved: If you have Excel 97 or 2000, you should be able to run Kipling. However, some very large arrays may be allocated during some of the processing steps, meaning that the size of problem you can handle may be limited by the amount of memory (RAM) available on your computer. You should have 64 MB at the very least, preferably more.

The Kipling add-in file (Kipling.xla) occupies 255 KB of drive space and the four example files occupy about 1 MB in their original state, before analysis results are added to them.

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