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South-central Kansas Geohydrology

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Well Records

Information pertaining to water wells in Harvey, McPherson, Reno, and Sedgwick counties is tabulated in Table 37. The numbers in the first column correspond to the well numbers on the map (Pl. 5) and in the tables of analyses (Tables 13 and 14). The numbers in the first column that are in parentheses indicate wells from which samples of water were taken for analysis. The wells are listed in order by townships from north to south and by ranges from east to west. Within a township the wells are listed in the order of the sections. The measured depths to water level are given to the nearest 0.01 foot, whereas reported depths are given only to the nearest foot and are subject to error. Data pertinent to the construction and yield of the wells are given in the column headed Remarks.

Table 37--Records of wells in Harvey, McPherson, Reno, and Sedgwick counties, Kansas (wells are drilled wells unless otherwise indicated under "Remarks").

No. on Pl. 11 Location Owner Depth of well (feet)2 Diameter of well (in.) Principal water-bearing bed Method of lift3 Use of water4 Measuring point Depth to water level below measuring point (feet)6 Date of measurement Remarks (Yield given in gallons a minute; drawdown in feet)
Character of material Geologic subdivision Description Distance above (+) or below (-) land surface (feet) Height above sea level (feet)5
 T. 17 S., R. 2 W.
1SW SW sec. 31Louise Patterson, et al.116.08ShaleWellingtonCy, WSTop of casing, east side+1.81,462.543.2714-Apr-44  
 T. 17 S., R. 3 W.
2SE SW sec. 1C. W. Larn78.08ShaleWellingtonCy, WSTop of wooden platform+0.71,318.613.277-Jun-44 
3SW SW sec. 11Hugo Sjorgen39.2  ShaleWellingtonCy, WSTop of concrete curb, west side+1.01,341.029.4012-Apr-44Dug well. Can be pumped dry. Water reported hard.
(4)SE NE sec. 17Lindsborg Water Co.7349Gravel and sandAlluviumT, EP   331-Sep-36Gravel packed. Reported yield 750; drawdown 10. Temp. 59 deg. F. See log
5SE sec. 17Lindsborg Water Co.9238GravelAlluviumT, EP   3323-Jul-03Gravel packed. Reported yield 600; drawdown 13. See log
6SW cor. sec. 21Emma Ahlsteadt40.010SandAlluviumCy, NNTop of casing, north side0.01,337.212.1312-Apr-44Dug well deepened by drilling
7NE NE sec. 25Oscar Samudson36.7 ShaleWellingtonCy, WSTop of wooden platform, east of pump+0.71,376.912.6912-Apr-44Dug well. Reported adequate supply
8SW SW sec. 29B. A. Johnson 1016Red shaleNinnescahCy, HDTop of casing, northwest side0.01,339.025.5527-Sep-38Cased 44 feet to shale
9SW cor. sec. 30Emil Lillan 51.710Coarse gravelAlluviumCy, GD, SLower edge of platform, west side0.01,351.033.5325-Oct-38 
 T. 17 S., R. 4 W.
10NE SE NE sec. 20G. Dolsteen60.06Red shaleNinnescahCy, WSTop edge of platform, north side+0.51,39112.6525-Oct-38Dug 20 feet, remainder drilled
11SW cor. sec. 20C. W. Dolsteen 35.036ShaleNinnescahCy, WSLower edge pump base, northeast side+0.51,42729.2127-Oct-38Dug well
(12) NW NW SE sec. 22A. N. Lindquist21.336ShaleNinnescahCy, WSTop of platform, east side+1.51,38520.5025-Oct-38Dug well. Temp. 58°F.
13SE cor. sec. 24Carl Franz38.836SandAlluviumCy, HDTop of platform, east side0.01,35934.2825-Oct-38Dug well
14NE cor. sec. 25Linus A. Bergstrom638Coarse sandAlluviumT, GIr    33 Ten-foot screen
15NW NW sec. 25John Oakleaf50.710SandAlluviumCy, HNLower edge pump base, east side0.01,35431.6427-Oct-38 
16NE SE NE sec. 27J. L. Nelson29.036 AlluviumCy, WD, STop of platform, north of pump+1.01,35827.2125-Oct-38Dug well
17NW NE NE sec. 28F. T. Landgren, et al.100.0 ShaleNinnescahCy, HNTop of platform, east of pump+1.01,37938.3527-Oct-38 
18SE cor. sec. 29O. L. Larsen59.36ShaleNinnescahCy, HDTop of casing, south side+0.21,37328.3225-Oct-38Water reported hard
(19)SW SW sec. 32J. F. Darro45.88Sand and gravelAlluviumCy, WSTop of casing, east side-3.81,37921.5715-Oct-38Temperature 58°F.
20SE SE sec. 33C. Welch 32.824ShaleNinnescahCy, WD, SSteel plate on platform+1.51,37029.354-Nov-37Dug observation well
21SE SW sec. 34L. Sundeen51.024Shale NinnescahCy, W, GSTop of platform, southwest corner+1 ±1,38747.3931-Aug-37Dug well
 T. 17 S., R. 5 W.
22SE NE sec. 23Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.4530Sand and gravelAlluviumTRLand surface  3710-Apr-37Gravel packed. Yield 135; drawdown 7. See log
23SE NE sec. 23Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.45 Sand and gravelAlluviumCR     Two identical wells connected to one pump
(24)NE SE sec. 23City of Marquette4396Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EPLand surface  2710-Nov-44Dug well curbed with tile
25SE SE sec. 23City of Marquette43240Sand and gravelAlluviumC, E, GPLand surface  26.510-Nov-44Dug well curbed with concrete and tile. Equipped with 3 centrifugal pumps. Sixteen 16-foot pipes driven laterally from bottom. Well extends 8 feet into shale
26SW SE SE sec. 23City of Marquette4396Sand and gravelAlluviumC, EPLand surface  2110-Nov-44Dug well; extends 4 feet into shale
27NE cor. sec. 24A. A. Williams13.536Sand and gravelAlluviumCy, WD, STop of platform, north side+2.01,4118.3526-Oct-38Dug well. Water reported hard
28NE SE sec. 24Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.54.734Coarse sand and gravelAlluviumTRLand surface  28.52-May-42Gravel walled, 18-inch screen. Yield 269, drawdown 25 after 10 hours
29SW SE SE sec. 24E. L. Christenson35.06SandAlluviumCy, HNTop of casing, north side+0.51,38022.7126-Oct-38 
 T. 18 S., R. 2 W.
30NE NW sec. 16B. N. Prickett33.010 DelmoreCy, WD, STop of casing, west side+0.61,450.210.0314-Apr-44 
31NE NE sec. 28L. and G. Anderson100+5SandKiowaCy, WSTop of casing, east side+0.41,536.356.2511-Apr-44 
32NW SW SW sec. 36Mrs. Martin Clark46.210 DelmoreCy, WD, SSteel plate under pump0.01,555.538.6114-Apr-44Reported adequate supply good water
 T. 18 S., R. 3 W.
(33) SE cor. sec. 5Prudential Life Insurance Co.41.5 36ShaleWellingtonCy, WD, STop of opening in shelter, south side+4.01,45737.692-Nov-37Temp. 58°F. Dug observation well
34NW NE NW sec. 6John Lundstrom38.036GravelMcPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, west side+1.01,36431.2227-Oct-38Dug well
35SW SE SW sec. 12Mrs. E. M. Woodward48.56 DelmoreCy, HDTop of casing, south side+0.41,528.346.1314-Apr-44Bedrock at 49 feet. Insufficient water for stock use
36NE cor. sec. 16Eric Rassmussen1256ShaleNinnescahCy, WD, STop of casing, west side+0.51,444.917.0712-Apr-44Water reported hard
37SW SW NW sec. 17A. H. Nelson39.448ShaleNinnescahCy, GSTop of platform, west side+1.01,447.038.4329-Oct-37Dug well
38SE NW NW sec. 21Vincel Kling50.126  McPhersonNNTop of platform, west side0.01,47934.2018-Oct-37Dug well
39SW SW sec. 25Mrs. Emma Olson39.2  McPhersonNNTop of wooden windlass frame, south side+3.71,53122.3512-Apr-44Dug well. Insufficient water for stock use
40SE SW SW sec. 28Mrs. Henry Ostlind42.5   McPhersonCy, NNBase of pump0.01,515.042.1011-Apr-44Dug well
41NE SE SW sec. 29Alfred Ledell63.48 McPhersonNNTop of casing, north side+1.21,50749.1928-Oct-37 
42SE NE sec. 31Axel Johnston1652Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WD, S 0.01,51683.004-Oct-38Driven
 T. 18 S., R. 4 W.
43SW NW NW sec. 2Charles Palmquist Estate15536ShaleNinnescahCy, HNTop of platform, south of pump base+1.51,38317.56 4-Nov-37Dug and drilled. Water reported hard
44SW NW sec. 4F. A. Johnson42.036ShaleNinnescahCy, HSTop of platform, west of pump base+0.51,38537.604-Nov-37Dug well
45NE SE sec. 12Otto Juhnke28.58ShaleNinnescahCy, GSTop of casing, east side+0.31,38628.5029-Oct-37 
46SE NW SE sec. 13Alfrida Johnson41.8  McPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, west of pipe+0.61,44637.074-Nov-37Dug well
47NW SW NW sec. 16Julia Murphy15.736 McPhersonCy, HNTop of platform, east of pump base+0.81,39514.274-Nov-37Dug well. Very small yield
48NE SE NE sec. 16C. V. Swenson Estate56.76 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, west side of opening+0.51,44853.804-Nov-37  
49SW NE NE sec. 18Bengt Nelson78.06SandMcPhersonCy, WDTop of platform, west side+0.31,48852.754-Oct-38Water reported hard
50SE NW sec. 18J. C. Muse2157 NinnescahNN  1,523 16-Nov-37Shale at 60 feet; water at 90 feet
51NE SE SE sec. 19Geo. Allison16.648 McPhersonCy, HD, STop of platform, east of pump base+2.01,45714.854-Nov-37Dug well, penetrates shale 16 inches
52SE SE NE sec. 20J. F. Lader20.95GravelMcPhersonND, STop of casing, southwest side+0.51,42316.2112-Nov-37 
(53) SW NW SW sec. 22L. F. Mikow177 SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, south side+0.51,50092.9212-Nov-37Temp. 58 °F. Dry sand from 25 to 90 feet
54NW NE NE sec. 26A. L. Peterson2106Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, south side+1.01,51095.5112-Nov-37Well did not reach shale
55NW cor. sec. 32Carrie Hobson37.224 McPhersonCy, WSBottom of pump base, west side+0.41,45133.5529-Sep-38Dug well
(56) NE NE SE sec. 35H. A. Selbert99.56 McPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, east side+0.51,52197.4526-Sep-38Temperature 58°F.
57NE NW NW sec. 36Harry Ledell1426 McPhersonCy, WSTop of casing, west side+0.21,50892.1428-Sep-38 
 T. 18 S., R. 5 W.
58NE NW NE sec. 1P. A. Olsen40.536GravelAlluviumCy, WSTop of platform, east of pump base+1.01,38631.084-Nov-37Dug observation well
59NE SE sec. 1George Palmquist74.06ShaleNinnescahCy, WD, STop of casing, southeast side+1.01,39235.174-Oct-38 
60SW SE SW sec. 12R. Haywood49.136ShaleNinnescahCy, HD, SBottom of pump base, west side +0.61,38626.694-Nov-37 
61SW SE SW sec. 25L. T. Miller37.048ShaleNinnescahCy, HNTop of platform, west of pump base+0.51,48221.883-Nov-37 
(62)SE NE NE sec. 26C. W. Tilton33.936 McPherson or NinnescahCy, WD, STop of platform, west of pump base+0.61,53132.703-Nov-37Temperature 57°F.
 T. 19 S., R. 1 W.
63SW SW sec. 11K. W. Nickl 21.010SandKiowaCy, HDTop of casing, northeast side of pump+0.71,567.214.7113-Apr-44Insufficient water for stock use
64NW NW sec. 18John Anderson40.2 SandDelmoreCy, WD, STop of wooden platform, south side of pump+0.41,570.236.1513-Apr-44 
(65) SE NE sec. 21City of Canton8218SandKiowa and DelmoreCy, EP   53 Temp. 58°F. Yield 38; drawdown 18, gravel packed
66NW SW sec. 22City of Canton8218SandKiowa and DelmoreCy, EP   53± Yield 40. Gravel packed
67SW SW sec. 22City of Canton7048Sand and gravelKiowa and DelmoreT, EP   52 Yield 60; reported drawdown 17. See log. Gravel packed
68SE cor. sec. 25B. E. Steinkirchner, et al.28.010 McPherson and DelmoreCy, HDTop of casing, east side+1.11,580.313.7917-Mar-44 
69NE SE NE sec. 28G. L. Bair43.66SandMcPherson and DelmoreCy, WSTop of wooden platform, under pump+1.51,582.640.3516-May-44 
70SW SW NW sec. 30Hettie Anderson27.036 McPherson and DelmoreCy, HDTop of wooden platform, opening on north side+0.21,559.420.4917-Mar-44 
 T. 19 S., R. 2 W.
71NW SW NW sec. 4Kansas Power and Light Co.63.512.5SandDelmoreCy, GInLand surface  3518-Aug-33Pump about 30,000 gallons daily; can be pumped dry in dry weather
72NW NW sec. 15Elizabeth Koehn29.56SandMcPherson and DelmoreCy, HSTop of concrete curb, north side+0.11,541.36.7911-Apr-44Reported adequate supply
73SW NW sec. 22Chicago, Rock Island Pacific Railway Co.4512SandMcPherson and DelmoreT, ER     Gravel packed. Yield 75
(74)NE SW SW sec. 22City of Galva4138SandMcPherson and DelmoreT, EP   2426-Oct-37Yield 123; drawdown 16. See log. Gravel packed, 20-foot screen
(75)NW SE SW sec. 22City of Galva3538SandMcPherson and DelmoreT, EP   2426-Oct-37Temp. 59°F. Yield 35; drawdown 16. Gravel packed, 20-foot screen. See log
76NE SW sec. 27W. Hill66.56 McPherson and DelmoreCy, HNTop of casing, north side+0.81,555.931.4916-Mar-44 
77NE cor. sec. 31Anna E. Reed53.310 McPherson and DelmoreCy, WDTop of can over casing0.01,521.730.5217-Mar-44 
 T. 19 S., R. 3 W.
78NE SW NW sec. 4C. V. Kling82.76Sand, fineMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, south side+5.31,507.075.6928-Oct-37 
79SE SW SE sec. 5Emma Bergstrom 92.636 McPhersonCy, HDTop of platform, south side of opening+0.41,516.083.4928-Oct-37Dug observation well
80SE NE SE sec. 8Esta R. Johnson1498GravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of concrete platform, east side of pump+0.51,522.194.0012-Apr-44Reported adequate supply good water
81NE SE SE sec. 11S. A. Burke48.26 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, south side+1.31,539.526.1913-Apr-44 
82NW NW SW sec. 20D. W. Thompson806Sandy clayMcPhersonCy, WDTop of casing, south side +0.31,499.469.928-Sep-38Has been pumped dry
83SW SE SW sec. 22Bay Petroleum Corp.14512 McPhersonT, EInLand surface  7125-Apr-44Yield 600; drawdown 56 after continuous pumping. Will not yield 600 indefinitely
84SW SE sec. 22Bay Petroleum Corp.1108 McPhersonT, EInLand surface  8025-Apr-44Yield 75; drawdown 25 after several days
85NW NE sec. 26S. P. Crumpacker100+6GravelMcPhersonC, WDTop of wooden platform, south side of pump+1.81,510.216.3913-Apr-44Reported adequate supply good water
86NW NE sec. 29Scott Montgomery98.56Gravel and sandMcPhersonNNTop of casing+1.01,498.6270.091-Sep-37Observation well
87NW NE sec. 29Mr. Gustafson75.28 McPhersonWs, HDTop of casing, north side+1.3 69.571-Sep-37 
88NE NW SE sec. 29City of McPherson16038Sand and gravelMcPhersonT, EP   641925Yield 1,500. Gravel packed
(89)NE NW SE sec. 29City of McPherson13738Sand and gravelMcPhersonT, EP   641923Yield 1,200. Gravel packed
90SE NW SE sec. 29City of McPherson15838Sand and gravelMcPhersonT, EP   621923Yield 1,400; drawdown 17. Gravel packed. See log
91SW SE SW sec. 29Marvin Smith73.38 McPhersonCy, ED, STop of platform, east side+1.61,485.954.36-Nov-37 
92SW SE sec. 29City of McPherson14638Sand and gravelMcPhersonT, EP   61.09Jul-37Yield 2,000; drawdown 27. Gravel packed
 T. 19 S., R. 4 W.
93SW NW NW sec. 7F. Little22.124 McPhersonNNTop of casing, south side+0.151,48916.8228-Sep-38Dug well
94SE SE NE sec. 7H. E. Potter896 McPherson Cy, WD 0.01,5317729-Sep-38 
95SW SW sec. 7Hugh Stockham65.010ShaleNinnescahCy, WDTop of platform, north side 1,55353.719-Sep-38Well reported to end in red shale
96SW NE sec. 15Jeff Kubin76.55SandMcPhersonNNTop of casing, south side-0.51,496.369.3510-Nov-37 
97SW SE SW sec. 17Hugh Stockham61.36 McPhersonCy, WDTop of platform, west side+0.21,51632.728-Sep-38Good supply reported. Well ends in shale
(98)NW NW NE sec. 18R. B. Ring100+6ShaleNinnescahCy, WDTop of platform, southwest side+1.01,54750.3919-Sep-38 
99NW NW NE sec. 20Dahl Stockham 68.08 McPhersonCy, WDTop of casing-4.31,51852.828-Sep-38Good supply reported. Well ends in shale
100SW NW SE sec. 22J. H. Schrag59.112 McPhersonN Top of casing, south side-2.01,48151.165-Nov-37 
(101)SW SE SW sec. 24Roby Estate77.76Fine sandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, east side-3.01,502.4572.802-Nov-37Well reported filling with fine sand
102NW NE SW sec. 28P. J. Oberst 114.010ShaleNinnescahCy, WSTop of platform, west side+2.01,515.764.216-Nov-37Well reported to encounter shale at 14 feet
103NW NE SW sec. 28P. J. Oberst50.036ShaleNinnescahCy, EDTop of platform, northwest side+1.01,514.443.716-Nov-37Dug well
104NE NE SE sec. 30L. S. Wade60.036ShaleNinnescahCy, WSTop of platform, south side+0.81,53843.503-Nov-37Dug well
 T. 19 S., R. 5 W.
105SE SW sec. 12H. B. Holler3436ShaleNinnescahNNTop of platform, north side+3.51,52925.643-Nov-37Dug well
106SE SE SE sec. 14David Mills16.048ShaleNinnescahNNTop of platform, east side+4.01,54510.953-Nov-37Dug observation well
107SE SW SW sec. 24I. Rathburn40.820ShaleNinnescahWs, HDTop of shelter, east side+3.01,59439.883-Nov-37Dug well
 T. 20 S., R. 1 E.
108SW SW sec. 30P. P. Quiring30.136SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of wooden box on platform, east side+1.81,552.225.5717-Mar-44Dug well. Water reported good quality
 T. 20 S., R. 1 W.
109SE NE sec. 9Fred Vogts22.936 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of north board on wooden platform+0.31,548.417.2116-Mar-44Dug well. Water reported good quality
110NE NE sec. 12Arnold C. Reimer31.536 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of wooden platform, west side of opening+0.61,561.723.3917-Mar-44Dug well. Water reported good quality
111NE NW NE sec. 30E. H. Hein726SandWellington (?)Cy, WSTop of casing, south side+1.01,562.046.6817-Mar-44Reported adequate supply good water
112NW SW sec. 34P. A. Voth19.410SandMcPhersonCy, HD, STop of concrete curb, north side+1.01,501.710.1616-Mar-44 
 T. 20 S., R. 2 W.
113SW NW SW sec. 8Ben Nelson31.08 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, north side+0.61,516.119.8017-Mar-44Reported adequate supply; water hard
114NW NE NW sec. 11H. A. Beckew 100+5Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, GD, STop of casing, south side, in concrete lined pit-5.0 1,532.911.1417-May-44Reported adequate supply good water
115SW NW SW sec. 21Martin Krehbiel46.66 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, west side+0.31,516.124.2814-Apr-44 
116SE SE SW sec. 23Rudiger13.536 McPhersonNNTop of wooden casing, west side+1.01,516.29.5017-Mar-44Unused dug stock well
117SW cor. sec. 35J. B. Becker11.16 Wellington (?)NNTop of casing, southeast side+0.11,497.55.6516-Mar-44 
 T. 20 S., R. 3 W.
(118)SE SE NE sec. 3Fred Johnson100+10 McPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, east side+1.01,49359.935-Oct-38Temperature 58°F.
119NE cor. sec. 5National Cooperative Refinery Association16130Sand and gravelMcPhersonT, EInLand surface  72May-44Reported yield on test 1,000; drawdown 39; now pumped at 900. Gravel packed. See log
120NW NE NE sec. 5National Cooperative Refinery Association16330Sand and gravelMcPhersonT, EIn   6328-Aug-37Yield 1,040; drawdown 34. Gravel packed. See log
121NE NW NE sec. 5National Cooperative Refinery Association15830Sand and gravelMcPhersonT, EIn   5517-Dec-32Yield 800; drawdown 19.5. Gravel packed. See log. (Well failed in 1943)
122NE SW NE sec. 5National Cooperative Refinery Association16830Sand and gravelMcPhersonT, EInLand surface  68May-44Reported yield on test 1,100; drawdown 39; now pumped at 600. Gravel packed. See log
123SW SE SE sec. 5A. A. Devar91.36GravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, south side+0.81,490.258.845-Oct-38 
124NE cor. sec. 9Simon Stockly78.06 McPhersonCy, HD, STop of casing, southwest side+1.01,488.254.565-Oct-38Quality reported poor
125NW NE NW sec. 19Dean and Tracy 6Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, east side-1.51,483.448.2822-Nov-37 
126NE NE sec. 21G. H. Johnson38.28 McPhersonWs, HNTop of casing, northeast side+2.01,470.034.165-Oct-38Quality and quantity reported poor
(127)SW SE SE sec. 26R. B. Hiner, et al.40.38 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, north side+0.71,460.621.7818-Oct-38Temperature 58°F.
128NW cor. sec. 30P. W. Seidel129.0 Sand and gravelMcPhersonNNLand surface0.01,47445.233-Jun-39Uncased test for irrigation well
(129)SE NE SE sec. 31J. B. Scragg756SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, east side+0.21,479.047.871-Oct-38Temperature 58°F.
 T. 20 S., R. 4 W.
130NE cor. sec. 1Mrs. J. E. Carlson1006SandMcPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, northwest side+0.51,498.066.2717-Sep-38 
(131)NW NE NW sec. 1E. J. Stockham65.012 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, northwest side+0.51,495.063.1917-Sep-38Temperature 58°F.
132NW cor. sec. 3M. G. Riddell656SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of casing, southwest side+1.01,485.853.8319-Sep-38 
133SE SW SW sec. 3John Moors56.410 McPhersonCy, W D, STop of platform, southwest side+2.21,479.246.2419-Sep-38 
134NW NW NE sec. 5J. J. Yoder41.136ShaleNinnescahCy, HDTop of concrete platform, south side+0.31,538.132.451-Oct-38Dug well
135NW cor. sec. 9C. N. Spencer118 ShaleNinnescahCy, WSTop of platform, west side+0.61,52029.8030-Sep-38Water has sulfur taste
136SW SE NE sec. 9E. E. Schlatter51.610 McPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, west side+0.21,480.617.8930-Sep-38 
137NW NE NE sec. 16O. E. Hostetler42.336 McPhersonCy, WSTop of platform, west side-0.51,487.725.4230-Sep-38Dug well
138SW SW NW sec. 16W. and M. Cooprider20.736ShaleMcPhersonCy, WNLower edge of board, north side of pump base+1.01,50216.053-Oct-38Dug well. Water reported unfit for domestic use
139SE SW SE sec. 16Mildred L. Walker93.06SandMcPhersonCy, GD, SLower edge of pump base, north side+0.51,489.654.7930-Sep-38 
140SE SE SW sec. 17Sam Gatz39.936ShaleNinnescahCy, WDTop of well cover box, south side+2.51,52839.20 3-Oct-38Dug well. Water reported hard.
141NE NW NE sec. 21T. K. Rump586SandMcPhersonCy, WD, STop of platform, south side+1.01,491.156.1930-Sep-38 
142SW SW SE sec. 21T. K. Rump1226ShaleNinnescahCy, WSTop of platform, north side+0.51,47738.0929-Sep-38 
143SW cor. sec. 22T. K. Rump686Sand and gravelMcPhersonNNTop of platform+0.61,483.548.4729-Sep-38 
144SW SW SE sec. 23Chicago, Rock Island Pacific Railway Co.74.812 McPhersonT, ER   29.8 Yield 117; drawdown 5.2
145SE SW SE sec. 23S. W. Carpenter6410SandMcPhersonCy, HDTop of casing, east side+0.21,482.448.761-Oct-38 
146NW NE NE sec. 27R. G. Smith606Sand and gravelMcPhersonCy, GDTop of casing, south side-1.71,469.834.1529-Sep-38 
147NE SE SE sec. 33A. C. Rump111 ShaleNinnescahCy, HDTop of porch, north side of opening+1.21,48323.9529-Sep-38Dug well

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