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Borchers Fauna, Meade County

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The Borchers Fauna, A New Pleistocene Interglacial Fauna from Meade County, Kansas

by Claude W. Hibbard

Vertebrate Paleontologist, State Gelogical Survey of Kansas, and Curator of
Vertebrate Paleontology, Dyche Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas.

Originally published in 1941 as Kansas Geological Survey Bulletin 38, Part 7.

This is, in general, the original text as published in 1941. The information has not been updated.


A previously unknown mammalian fauna from interglacial Pleistocene deposits of the High Plains region is described from Meade County, Kansas, and a short discussion of the geological relations of the fossil-bearing beds is given. The fauna indicates the existence of a warm climatic condition at the time that the fauna lived in the area. Remains of four classes of vertebrates have been collected from the deposit--amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals--of which specimens belonging to the first three have not yet been studied. This paper treats the Mammalia, which consists of 4 orders, 9 families, and 12 genera. The following new species are described and illustrated: Citellus meadensis, Citellus cragini, Perognathus pearlettensis, Onychomys fossilis, Reithrodontomys pratincola, Sigmodon hilli, and Zapus burti.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web June 15, 2007; originally published July 1941.
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