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Borchers Fauna, Meade County

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Geologic relations of the fossil-bearing beds

Occurrence of fossils


Systematic Descriptions

Class Mammalia

Order Insectivora

Genus Sorex Linnaeus

Sorex taylori Hibbard

Order Carnivora

Genus Mustela Linnaeus

Mustela sp

Genus Spilogale Gray

Spilogale cf. leucoparia Merriam

Order Rodentia

Genus Citellus Oken

Citellus meadensis, n. sp.

Citellus cragini, n. sp.

Genus Geomys Rafinesque

Geomys sp

Genus Perognathus Wied

Perognathus pearlettensis, n. sp.

Genus Onychomys Baird

Onychomys fossilis, n. sp.

Genus Reithrodontomys Giglioli

Reithrodontomys pratincola, n. sp.

Genus Sigmodon Say and Ord

Sigmodon hilli, n. sp.

Genus Synaptomys Baird

Synaptomys (Mictomys) cf. vetus Wilson

Genus Zapus Coues

Zapus burti, n. sp.

Order Lagomorpha

Genus Nekrolagus Hibbard

Nekrolagus sp.

Genus Hypolagus Dice

Hypolagus sp.

Genus Lepus Linnaeus

Lepus cf. californicus Gray

Order Artiodactyla

Genus Camelops Leidy

Camelops sp.

Family Antilocapridae




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