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New Permian Corals

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Previous studies

Stratigraphic significance of Permian corals

Scope of the present paper

Sources of material studied

Methods of study

Descriptive terminology


Systematic Descriptions

General statement concerning taxonomy

Corals bearing an axial column

Genus Malonophyllum Okulitch and Albritton

Malonophyllum kansasense, n. sp.

Genus Lophophyllidium Grabau

Lophophyllidium dunbari, n. sp.

Genus Leonardophyllum, n. gen.

Leonardophyllum distinctum, n. sp.

Leonardophyllum acus, n. sp.

Genus Lophamplexus, n. gen.

Lophamplexus eliasi, n. sp.

Genus Heritschia, n. gen.

Heritschia girtyi, n. sp.

Corals not bearing a distinct axial column

Genus Timorphyllum Gerth

Timorphyllum simulans, n. sp.

Genus Sochkineophyllum Grabau

Sochkineophyllum mirabile, n. sp.

Genus Duplophyllum Koker

Duplophyllum septarugosum, n. sp.


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