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Water Resources, Dakota Aquifer

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Dakota Aquifer System

Location and Amount of Water Use

Wells with Water-Right Permits

Determination of Well Location and Water Use

Distribution of Wells

Estimated Water Use

Wells without Water-Right Permits

Determination of Well Location

Estimated Water Use

Groundwater Geochemistry

Chemical Data for Groundwaters

Data for Water Samples

Water Quality from Geophysical Logs

Factors that Control Groundwater Chemistry

Major Dissolved Constituents and Chemical Water Types

Relationships among Conductance and Major Dissolved Constituents

Minor and Trace Dissolved Constituents

Uranium and Radionuclides

Characteristics of Contaminated Groundwater

Regional Groundwater Geochemistry

Areal Geochemical Patterns

Geochemical Profiles across an Aquifer Flow Path

Vertical Geochemical Changes

Development of the Aquifer

Water-Supply Suitability Areas

Suitability Area I

Suitability Area II

Suitability Area III

Suitability Area IV

Suitability Area V

Recent Development Trends

Current Guidelines for Development

Water-Level Declines Since Pre-development

Future Development

Summary and Conclusions



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Kansas Geological Survey, Geohydrology
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