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Classification of Rocks in Kansas (1968)

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Time classification

Time-stratigraphic classification

Rock-stratigraphic classification


Precambrian rocks

Rice Formation

Paleozoic Era

Cambrian System

Upper Cambrian Series

Lamotte Sandstone

Bonneterre Dolomite

Undifferentiated Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician

Arbuckle Group

Eminence Dolomite

Gasconade Dolomite

Roubidoux Formation

Jefferson City Dolomite and Cotter Dolomite

Ordovician System

Middle Ordovician Series

Simpson Group

St. Peter Sandstone and lower Simpson beds

Platteville Formation

Viola Limestone

Upper Ordovician Series

Maquoketa Shale

Undifferentiated Silurian and Devonian

"Hunton Group"

Chimneyhill Dolomite

Undifferentiated Upper Devonian and Lower Mississippian

Chattanooga Shale

Boice Shale

Mississippian System

Lower Mississippian Series

Kinderhookian Stage

Chouteau Limestone

Sedalia Dolomite

Gilmore City Limestone

Osagian Stage

Fern Glen Limestone

Burlington Limestone and Keokuk Limestone, Undifferentiated

Upper Mississippian Series

Meramecian Stage

Warsaw Limestone

Salem Limestone

St. Louis Limestone

Ste. Genevieve Limestone

Chesteran Stage

Pennsylvanian System

Lower Pennsylvanian Series

Morrowan Stage

Kearny Formation

Middle Pennsylvanian Series

Atokan Stage

Desmoinesian Stage

Cherokee Group

Krebs Formation

Cabaniss Formation

Marmaton Group

Fort Scott Limestone

Labette Shale

Pawnee Limestone

Bandera Shale

Altamont Limestone

Nowata Shale

Lenapah Limestone

Holdenville Shale

Upper Pennsylvanian Series

Missourian Stage

Pleasanton Group

Seminole Formation

Checkerboard Limestone

Tacket Formation

Kansas City Group

Bronson Subgroup

Hertha Limestone

Ladore Shale

Swope Limestone

Galesburg Shale

Dennis Limestone

Linn Subgroup

Cherryvale Shale

Drum Limestone

Chanute Shale

Iola Limestone

Zarah Subgroup

Lane Shale

Wyandotte Limestone

Bonner Springs Shale

Lansing Group

Plattsburg Limestone

Vilas Shale

Stanton Limestone

Virgilian Stage

Douglas Group

Stranger Formation

Lawrence Formation

Shawnee Group

Oread Limestone

Kanwaka Shale

Lecompton Limestone

Tecumseh Shale

Deer Creek Limestone

Calhoun Shale

Topeka Limestone

Wabaunsee Group

Sacfox Subgroup

Severy Shale

Howard Limestone

Scranton Shale

Nemaha Subgroup

Bern Limestone

Auburn Shale

Emporia Limestone

Willard Shale

Richardson Subgroup

Zeandale Limestone

Pillsbury Shale

Stotler Limestone

Root Shale

Wood Siding Formation

Permian System

Lower Permian Series

Gearyan Stage

Admire Group

Onaga Shale

Falls City Limestone

Janesville Shale

Council Grove Group

Foraker Limestone

Johnson Shale

Red Eagle Limestone

Roca Shale

Grenola Limestone

Eskridge Shale

Beattie Limestone

Stearns Shale

Bader Limestone

Easly Creek Shale

Crouse Limestone

Blue Rapids Shale

Funston Limestone

Speiser Shale

Chase Group

Wreford Limestone

Matfield Shale

Barneston Limestone

Doyle Shale

Winfield Limestone

Odell Shale

Nolans Limestone

Cimarronian Stage

Sumner Group

Wellington Formation

Ninnescah Shale

Stone Corral Formation

Nippewalla Group

Harper Sandstone

Salt Plain Formation

Cedar Hills Sandstone

Flower-pot Shale

Blaine Formation

Dog Creek Formation

Upper Permian Series

Custerian Stage

Whitehorse Formation

Day Creek Dolomite

Big Basin Formation

Mesozoic Era

Jurassic System

Upper Jurassic Series

Morrison Formation

Cretaceous System

Lower Cretaceous Series

Cheyenne Sandstone

Kiowa Formation

Dakota Formation

Upper Cretaceous Series

Colorado Group

Graneros Shale

Greenhorn Limestone

Carlile Shale

Niobrara Chalk

Montana Group

Pierre Shale

Cenozoic Era

Tertiary System

Pliocene Series

Ogallala Formation

Quaternary System

Pleistocene Series

Northeastern Area--Nebraskan Stage

David City Formation

Iowa Point Till

Northeastern Area--Attonian Stage

Afton Soil

Northeastern Area--Kansan Stage

Atchison Formation

Nickerson Till

Cedar Bluffs Till

Northeastern Area--Yarmouthian Stage

Yarmouth Soil

Northeastern Area--Illinoisan Stage

Loveland Formation

Northeastern Area--Sangamonian Stage

Sangamon Soil

Northeastern Area--Wisconsinan Stage

Gilman Canyon Formation

Peoria Formation

Brady Soil

Bignell Formation

Southeastern Area--Nebraskan Stage

Southeastern Area--Aftonian Stage

Afton Soil

Southeastern Area--Kansan Stage

Southeastern Area--Yarmouthian Stage

Yarmouth Soil

Southeastern Area--Illinoisan Stage

Loveland Formation

Southeastern Area--Sangamonian Stage

Sangamon Soil

Southeastern Area--Wisconsman Stage

Peoria Formation

Brady Soil

Bignell Formation

Central and Western Area--Nebraskan Stage

Holdredge Formation

Fullerton Formation

Central and Western Area--Aftonian Stage

Afton Soil

Central and Western Area--Kansan Stage

Grand Island Formation

Sappa Formation

Central and Western Area--Yarmouthian Stage

Yarmouth Soil

Central and Western Area--Illinoisan Stage

Crete Formation

Loveland Formation

Central and Western Area--Sangamonian Stage

Sangamon Soil

Central and Western Area--Wisconsinan Stage

Peoria Formation

Brady Soil

Bignell Formation

Recent Stage

Igneous and metamorphic rocks

Igneous rocks

Metamorphic rocks

Selected bibliography


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Kansas Geological Survey, Stratigraphic Succession in Kansas
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