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Neogene Ostracodes

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Previous work




Stratigraphic Classification

Ostracode-bearing Strata

Pliocene Series

Laverne Formation

Ogallala Formation

Rexroad Formation

Pleistocene Series

Lower Pleistocene Subseries

Ballard Formation

Crooked Creek Formation

Upper Pleistocene Subseries

Kingsdown Formation

Vanhem Formation

Odee Formation and local basin fillings

Quaternary sand


Use as stratigraphic guide fossils

Use as ecologic indicators

Register of Localities

Taxonomic Problems

Basis of classification

Significant features of carapace

Ostracode classification used in this study

Systematic Descriptions

Superfamily Cypridacea Baird, 1845

Family Cyprididae Baird, 1845

Subfamily Cypridinae Baird, 1845

Genus Cypricercus Sars, 1895

C. tuberculatus (Sharpe), 1908

Genus Eucypris Vávra, 1891

E. meadensis Gutentag and Benson, n. sp.

Subfamily Cypridopsinae Kaufmann, 1900

Genus Cypridopsis Brady, 1867

C. vidua (O. F. Müller), 1776

Genus Potamocypris Brady, 1870

P. smaragdina (Vávra), 1891

Family Candonidae Kaufmann, 1900

Genus Candona Baird, 1846

C. caudata Kaufmann, 1900

C. crogmaniana Turner, 1894

C. fluviatilis Hoff, 1942

C. nyensis Gutentag and Benson, n. sp.

C. renoensis Gutentag and Benson, n. sp.

Family Ilyocyprididae Kaufmann, 1900

Subfamily Ilyocypridinae Kaufmann, 1900

Genus Ilyocypris Brady and Norman, 1889

I. bradyi Sars, 1890

I. gibba (Ramdohr), 1808

Superfamily Cytheracea Baird, 1850

Family Cytherideidae Sars, 1925

Subfamily Cytherideinae Sars, 1925

Genus Cyprideis Jones, 1856

C. littoralis Brady, 1870

Family Limnocytheridae Klie, 1938

Genus Limnocythere Brady, 1868

L. staplini Gutentag and Benson, n. sp.


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