Anticipated Activities--DE-FE0002056

April 9, 2012
  • Berexco subcontract
    • Discuss final swab testing on KGS #1-32
    • Complete impedance inversion interpretation and obtain converted wave seismic volume from Fairfield for Wellington Field (Hedke-Saenger activity)
    • Additional logistics for use of BEREDCO rig for basement test at Cutter Field
    • Meet with Dana and Dennis to discuss the 3D seismic layout at Cutter Field
  • Bittersweet subcontract
    • Continue to correlate logs
    • Further verify CO2 emissions information vs. Previous KGS & EPA data
    • Continue to add raster images & formation tops within compartments
    • Submit list of logs in compartment areas to be digitized to KGS
    • Correlate regional geologic horizons from Heebner Shale to Surface
    • Continue to upgrade porosity-feet maps & storage calculations for Arbuckle Formation over project area--incorporate NATCARB submission to quarterly rpt.
    • Petrotek: Analyze step test information for Wellington Field modeling
  • IHR subcontract
    • Continue to work on simulation of Pleasant Prairie simulation model and static models of Shuck, Cutter, and Eubanks (Marty Dubois, John Youle and team)
    • Access well data from Shuck Field
  • Hedke-Saenger subcontract
    • Share grids of Wide Awake 3D seismic (Shuck Field) to John Youle and Paul
    • Review deep structure Adamson-Wide Awake 3D with IHR and Bittersweet teams--include review in quarterly report
  • KSU subcontract
    • Obtain access to use PNL for additional in situ experiments using core plugs with CO2
    • Continued sharing of thin section photomicrographs as they become available for work with core plugs
    • Weatherford subcontract
    • Updates on Rock Mechanics and SCAL analyses (Lynn in contact with Matt Simpson)
  • KGS
    • Basement test in SW Kansas--decision made to drill well in Cutter field, Stevens County, KS
    • Continue calibration and standardizing old logs in Wellington Field (Mina, John)
    • Sample lower Mississippian tight for organic geochem and begin detailed description of Arbuckle section of Wellington #1-32 (Dave)
    • Integrate LAS log files and formation tops from Bittersweet's regional studies into Petrel (Aimee)
    • Integrate depth migrated seismic and latest processed seismic into Wellington Petrel model as it is available (Jason in coordination with Dennis)
    • Review and update interactive project mapper and link to main webpage (Mike K., Dana A.H.)
    • Outline topics for quarterly report due end of April (Lynn)
  • KU
    • Microbial studies updates for quarterly report--in Mississippian (Breanna) and Arbuckle (Aimee)
    • Discuss means to adapt methodology to derive porosity characterization in top Mississippian to 3D volume & update for quarterly report (Ayrat and George)
    • Update on diagenetic studies of Arbuckle (Brad and Bob); summary for quarterly report?

Provisional Items for 10th Quarterly report due April 30, 2012

Ongoing and Completed Activities--Regional Study Including Southwest Kansas)

  1. additional log digitizing, and quality control, normalization, and calibration of digital borehole data;
  2. began construction of a 3D geocellullar model (Petrel) of the regional Arbuckle saline aquifer;
  3. characterize and verify faults and caprock and refine internal stratigraphy and petrophysical properties assigned to layers using digitized logs and donated regional 3D seismic;
  4. compute initial estimates of regional Arbuckle CO2 storage capacity submitted to NATCARB carbon sequestration atlas;
  5. completing reservoir simulation of Chester sandstone in Pleasant Prairie Field;
  6. selection of location for new basement well in Cutter Field and locating new 3D seismic survey.

Ongoing and Completed Activities--Wellington Field

  1. depth-migrated 3D seismic survey received and seismic inversion and shear wave interpretations near completion to update geomodels of Mississippian and Arbuckle;
  2. calibrating well logs with core analyses for revised geomodels of Mississippian reservoir and Arbuckle;
  3. update on geochemical and microbial activities, and diagenetic studies of the Mississippian and Arbuckle; and
  4. describe promising seismic approach to modeling porosity profile in top Mississippian (Aryrat).


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