KGS Annual Field Conference--Wellington Field Site Visit at KGS Well #1-32, Tuesday June 4th, 2013

A bus tour of legislators and state policy makers participating in the KGS Annual Field Conference made a visit to Wellington Field in early June. Participants were given an introduction to the ongoing south-central Kansas CO2 Project at the Kansas Geological Survey.

Rex Buchanan introduces team members.

Rex Buchanan, interim director of the Kansas Geological Survey (left), introduces team members Lynn Watney, Project PI (front-right), and Brian Dressel, Department of Energy representative (back-right).

Lynn Watney and visiting legislator.

Lynn Watney (front-center) discusses with a visiting legislator about the potential benefit to both local industry and the state of Kansas. Dana Wreath (back-left) discusses the goals of Berexco, a supporting petroleum industry partner, to evaluate utilization of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery.

Attendees view core samples.

Conference attendees view core samples displays taken from the primary characterization well.

Posters described the research and testing.

Posters described the Kansas Geological Survey research and testing being funded by the Department of Energy, Berexco, and other industry and academic partners.

Core Workshop Attendees.

Dana Wreath and drilling operators from Berexco (left), stand with Lynn Watney and visitor Henrik Karlsson from Biorecro AB, a carbon trading company in Sweden (right).


South-central Kansas CO2 Project is a DOE-funded project of the Kansas Geological Survey. More ...