CO2 II Tools
Database Scripts
Fluid Level Data Database Tables

Create DB Table Script
Description SQL Script
Create CO2 Fluid Level Database Table: db_create_fluid_level_tables.sql
Insert Data Scripts
Description SQL Script
Insert Emissions Well Data into CO2 and Offset Gas Database Table: insert_co2_and_offset_gas.sql
Insert Production Well Data into CO2 Producer Test Data Database Table: insert_fluid_levels.sql
Insert Injection Data into CO2 Injection Data Database Table: insert_injection_data.sql
Insert Static Fluid Data into CO2 static by dates Database Table: insert_static_data.sql
Modify the Group Number & Group ID in the CO2 Producer Test Data Database Table: db_update_co2_build_fluid_groups.sql
ORACLE PL/SQL Fluid Level Web Page
  Fluid Level CSV Web Page
  CO2 Offset Gas CSV Web Page
  Injection Data CSV Web Page
iqstrat the ORACLE User IQSTRAT
co2_fluid_levels_pkg CO2 Fluid Level Summary PL/SQL Package
build_web_page the Method for building the summary web page

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