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The WIZARD database is a repository of information on freshwater wells drilled into aquifer in Kansas. WIZARD consolidates information formerly maintained by several local, state, and federal agencies. Most of the data stored has been taken from the U.S. Geological Survey's GWSI (Ground Water Site Inventory) and with the exception of those wells included in the Kansas monitoring well network, none of this information has been verified. About two-thirds of the annual water-level data are now submitted by local GMDs and the Division of Water Resources, with the other third being updated by the KGS. WIZARD is owned and operated by the Kansas Geological Survey.

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Water Levels Reports--KGS Open-file Report and Technical Series Publications related to water-level data are available. These data were acquired by the Kansas Geological Survey, the Division of Water Resources of the Kansas Department of Agriculture, and the Groundwater Management Districts in Kansas from 1997 to present day.

How Are Wells Measured?--KGS Public Information Circular (PIC) 12 describes the Kansas water-level measurement program.

KGS Exploration Services--The Exploration Services section of the KGS has a site describing their work on the water-level measurement program. Use the "Water Well Project" link.

FGDC Metadata information (data about data) is available for this database.

For information on the WIZARD database, please contact Brownie Wilson (, 785-864-2118).
For web page or internet based comments, please contact
WIZARD Program updated October 2002. Data added periodically.