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The Yaggy Storage Field is located in the southeast quarter of section 25, T22S-R7W and the southwest portion of section 30, T22S-R6W. The facility is owned by ONEOK of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kansas Gas Service is a subsidiary of ONEOK.


Location of natural gas storage in relation to Hutchinson


The Yaggy Storage Field consists of 98 caverns in the Hutchinson Salt Member of the Wellington Shale at depths greater than 500 ft. The caverns were formed by salt dissolution using brine wells. The capacity of the facility has been reported as 3.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas. The caverns are accessed by wells located on a grid with less than 400 ft spacing between wells.


Yaggy Storage Field well locations (based on maps provided by KDHE)


A pressure drop was recorded in well S-1, and subsequently a leak was discovered in well S-1 at a depth of about 601 ft. The cavern connected to well S-1 reportedly holds 60 million cubic feet of gas. The pressure inside the cavern ranges from 550 to 684 pounds per square inch (psi), and is normally kept at about 675 psi.


Kansas Gas Service Yaggy Facility Storage Well S-1 (photo by Steve Knapp, KDHE)


Sonar images of cavities or jugs at the Yaggy storage facility

The figure immediately below is an isometric created by Terry Hall (RESPEC Inc., Rapid City, SD) from a tabular sonar survey report.


Below are additional images created from tabular data.




Kansas Geological Survey Analysis of Yaggy Field Rock Petrophysics

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