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Geology of Ness and Hodgeman Counties

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Table of Contents


Purpose of report

Previous geological work

Field work and acknowledgments

Geography and Topography

Location and culture


Stratigraphy--Rocks Exposed

Quaternary System

Recent deposits

Pleistocene (?) deposits

Tertiary System

Ogallala formation

Cretaceous System

Niobrara formation

Smoky Hill chalk member

Fort Hays limestone member

Carlile shale

Blue Hill shale member

Fairport chalky shale member

Greenhorn limestone

Pfeifer shale member

Jetmore chalk member

Hartland and Lincoln members

Graneros shale

Dakota sandstone

Stratigraphy--Buried Rocks

Cretaceous System

Upper Cretaceous

Dakota formation

Lower Cretaceous

Kiowa shale

Permian System

Cimarron series

Big Blue series

Pennsylvanian System

Virgil series

Missouri and Des Moines series

Pre-Pennsylvanian rocks

Mississippian System

Ordovician System

Urschel (Viola) limestone

Simpson formation


Structural Geology

Structure of surface rocks

Beeler anticline

Bazine anticline

Other structures

Relation to regional structure

Economic Geology

Oil and gas

Ground water



Character of wate

Sand and gravel

Building stone



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Kansas Geological Survey, Ness and Hodgeman Geology
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