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Jefferson County Geohydrology

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Logs of Test Holes

Given on the following pages are sample logs of 16 test holes and drillers' logs of 4 wells. Additional logs of wells and test holes are retained in the files of the U.S. and State Geological Survey offices, Lawrence, Kans., and may be examined there. The drillers' logs were obtained from drillers' records and are essentially unchanged. The locations of the wells and test holes are shown on plate 1.

7-18E-25ddd Thickness
Soil, sandy, brown44
Clay, dark-gray37
Clay, sandy, slightly calcareous, light-brown to gray310
Clay, slightly calcareous, tan to light-gray; contains embedded sand and gravel, abundant iron nodules717
Clay, calcareous, tan to gray; contains embedded sand and gravel and thin layers of sand; iron nodules and stain present2239
Clay, calcareous, brownish-gray, and interbedded tan fine sand847
Clay, calcareous, dark-gray with tan streaks; contains embedded sand and gravel2168
Sand, very fine, clayey, calcareous, dark-gray1381
Sand, fine to medium, silty, calcareous, dark-gray20101
Gravel, fine to medium, sandy2103

8-17E-13cab Thickness
Clay, sandy232
Sand and fine to coarse gravel1345

8-18E-1dda Thickness
Roadfill and brown soil, calcareous33
Clay, light-gray, slightly sandy, iron stained and carbonaceous58
Clay, slightly calcareous, light-gray to tan, embedded sand and gravel, slightly carbonaceous311
Clay, very sandy, light-gray to tan112
Sand, quartz, medium to coarse, rounded, brown; contains igneous material1224
Sand, quartz, fine to medium, rounded to angular, gray to tan; contains igneous material428
Sand, quartz, medium to coarse, rounded to angular, gray to tan; contains igneous and metamorphic material and fine to medium pebbles1139
Clay, calcareous, dark-gray; contains embedded sand and gravel443

8-19E-4bab Thickness
Silt, clayey, black77
Clay, silty, brown512
Clay, tan, gray1022
Sand, silty, gray1032
Sand, silty, olive-gray537
Sand, silty; contains some gravel1047
Sand and gravel249
Shale, black-49

8-19E-26cda Thickness
Clay, yellow2040
Gravel and sand1050
Clay, blue1285
Shale, blue28115
Limestone, blue10130
Shale, blue4134
Limestone, white10146
Shale, blue14160

8-20E-18dbc Thickness
Silt and clay, black33
Clay, buff-tan69
Clay, grayish-tan817
Clay, pale-gray1532
Clay, calcareous, tan and buff2052
Clay, sandy, calcareous, tan and buff1163
Sand, fine to medium, rounded, and clay568
Limestone, tan, and thin tan shale4.572.5

9-17E-25dab Thickness
Clay, brown1010
Clay, grayish-brown2535
Clay, sandy, grayish-brown540
Sand, fine to coarse, gray, brown; contains abundant clay545
Gravel and sand, medium to coarse, grayish-brown853
Shale, gray1+54+

9-20E-21dad Thickness
Clay, blue2050
Sand and shale767
Sand, fine2895

10-18E-7bdb Thickness
Clay, silty, medium, brown1718
Clay, sandy, gray2038
Clay, silty, brownish-gray442
Sand, medium to coarse, brown345
Sand, medium to coarse, gray and brown550
Sandstone, medium to coarse, gray and brown; contains very fine gravel151
Clay and limestone, brown4.2557
Shale, hard, gray158
Shale, hard, black260

10-20E-19bdd Thickness
Clay, dark-gray mottled with tan33
Clay, sandy, tan to buff; contains some fine to medium gravel710
Clay, calcareous, tan; contains some fine gravel and chalk pebbles2737
Clay, slightly sandy, calcareous, greenish-black9.546.5
Gravel, fine; contains clay1.548
Clay, greenish-black; contains rounded fine gravel957
Clay, calcareous, greenish-black1976
Gravel, fine to medium; contains clay379
Clay, calcareous, greenish-black382
Clay, greenish-black890

11-16E-25cba Thickness
Sand, silty, brown612
Sand, brown, and dark silt517
Sand, brown; contains some silt421
Sand, brown, and gray silt728
Sand, gray836
Sand; contains a trace of gravel1046
Shale, bedrock1+52+

11-17E-21ada Thickness
Topsoil, black55
Silt, brown914
Silt, brown, and fine sand620
Sand, silty, brown626
Sand, brown, and gray silt531
Sand, silty, dark-gray1445
Sand, silty, grayish-brown; contains some fine gravel247
Shale, bedrock1+52+

11-17E-25bbc Thickness
Topsoil, black22
Silt, sandy, brown35
Silt, clayey, brown611
Sand, silty, fine, brown1122
Silt, sandy, clayey, brown729
Sand, silty, fine, brown534
Sand, silty, fine to medium, brown337
Sand, medium to coarse, brown744
Sand, coarse, brown; contains some gravel549
Sand, coarse, and gravel1261

11-18E-10bbb Thickness
Topsoil, black22
Clay, blue24
Clay, brown; contains silty sand strips711
Silt and very fine sand, clayey; contains clay strips1526
Sand, coarse, blue; contains clay strips632
Sand, coarse, blue; contains some gravel1244
Sand, coarse, and gravel650
Sand, medium to coarse, blue454
Gravel, brown, and coarse sand2074
Sand, coarse377
Gravel, brown; contains some clay balls683
Shale; contains bluish-gray and purple strips5+88+

11-18E-20acc Thickness
Topsoil, silty, brown33
Silt, dark47
Silt, sandy, fine, brown512
Sand; contains some silt416
Sand, silty723
Sand and dark silt427
Sand, silty; contains trace of gravel330
Silt, sandy, grayish-brown838
Sand; contains some gravel846

11-18E-24ccd Thickness
Silt, black22
Clay, silty, black24
Silt, black26
Silt, clayey, brown39
Sand, silty, fine, brown312
Silt, clayey, brown, and fine clayey sand1123
Clay, grayish-brown124
Silt, clayey, brown1337
Sand, silty, fine to coarse, tan2360
Sand, silty, coarse, tan; contains some gravel1070
Sand, silty, coarse, tan, and gravel1383
Shale, blue1+84+

11-18E-26ccd Thickness
Silt, sandy, brown22
Silt, black35
Sand, fine, brown27
Sand, silty, fine, brown310
Clay, silty, brown212
Sand, silty, fine, brown214
Sand, clayey, fine, brown317
Sand, medium, brown219
Sand, coarse, brown; contains few thin silty clay strips322
Sand, coarse, brown628
Sand, coarse, grayish-brown1139
Sand, coarse, grayish-brown; contains some fine gravel645
Sand, silty, coarse, gray; contains some gravel550
Sand, coarse, gray and gravel1060
Gravel, fine, gray, and cobbles464
Gravel, fine to medium, brown; contains some coarse sand973

11-19E-29cca Thickness
Topsoil, silty, black22
Silt, clayey, brown35
Clay, silty, brown712
Silt, clayey, tan214
Sand, clayey, very fine, brown822
Sand, silty, fine, brown931
Sand, silty, fine to medium, brown435
Sand, fine to medium, brown742
Sand, medium, brown345
Sand, coarse, brown449
Gravel and coarse silty sand554
Gravel, fine, brown660
Gravel, medium to coarse1272

11-19E-34bab Thickness
Silt and clay, micaceous, medium, grayish-brown to brown55
Clay, sandy, silty, finely laminated, medium-grayish-brown or grayish-tan; contains 10-20 percent medium to coarse arkosic sand, slightly calcareous1520
Silt, sandy, clayey, very slightly calcareous, finely laminated; contains 5-10 percent light-brownish-tan sand2040
Sand, medium to coarse, and fine gravel, arkosic; contains about 40-50 percent light-brownish-tan silt and clay848
Gravel, fine to coarse, and medium to coarse sand, arkosic; contains about 30-40 percent light-brownish-tan silt and clay654
Gravel, fine to coarse, and medium to coarse sand, arkosic; contains 15-25 percent silt and clay256
Sand, coarse, and fine to coarse gravel, clean, tannish-brown; chiefly colorless, pink, brownish and light-gray subrounded to rounded quartz, pinkish-orange feldspar, brecciated chert, and minor amounts of other rock types; few cobbles at base763

12-18E-1bba Thickness
Sand, fine, tan33
Silt, brownish-black14
Sand, fine, brown37
Sand, silty, fine, brown1118
Sand, fine to medium, tan523
Sand, silty, medium, brown427
Sand, coarse, brownish-tan; contains some silt229
Sand, coarse, brown938
Sand, very coarse, grayish-brown543
Sand, very coarse, and some gravel, gray447
Sand and gravel, gray552
Gravel, gray1264
Gravel, grayish-brown468
Gravel, brown; contains flat pieces of gray limestone977

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