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Ford County Geohydrology

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On the following pages are listed the logs of 80 wells and test holes in Ford County [in township order]. Logs 1-21 are of test holes drilled by the State and Federal Geological Surveys (fig. 2). Logs 22-80 include logs of test holes drilled by other agencies, logs of water wells (pl. 2), and partial logs of oil tests.

Most of the logs of water wells were obtained from drillers' written records but a few were supplied from memory by well owners. Lithologic terms used in the drillers' logs have been retained. The terms "gyp," "gyp rock," "magnesia," or "magnesia rock" have been used by some drillers in describing the harder cemented beds in the Ogallala formation. Many of the softer unconsolidated beds of the Ogallala have been logged as clay, but in those wells from which cuttings are available for study most of the so-called clay was found to be silt.

T. 25 S. || T. 26 S. || T. 27 S. || T. 28 S. || T. 29 and 30 S.

1. Log of test hole 1, 75 feet south of NW corner sec. 6, T. 25 S., R. 21 W., drilled by the State and Federal Geological Surveys, 1940. Surface altitude, 2,351.4 feet. (Authority, samples studied by Perry McNally and H.A. Waite.) Thickness
Ogallala formation
Road fill55
Silt, light brown611
Silt, fine, sandy, limy, brown to light gray; contains caliche920
Silt, limy, light gray; contains fragments of caliche222
Greenhorn limestone
Shale, fine, sandy, calcareous, brown931
Shale, fine, sandy, calcareous, gray-green to olive-green334
Shale and silty clay, soft, calcareous, light gray to brown; contains bentonite; drilled easily539
Shale, calcareous, dark gray to black; drilled hard; hard bed about 3 inches thick at depth of 39 feet1251
Graneros shale
Shale, argillaceous, black; contains fragments of gypsum; drilled hard960
Shale, argillaceous, black; contains gypsum and some bentonite; drilled hard2282
Dakota formation
Shale, hard, light gray; drilled fairly hard890
Shale, hard, light gray; contains fragments of lignite797
Shale, sandy, hard, gray; drilled hard, drill stem chattered4101
Shale, fine, sandy, variegated, brown-gray, green, and yellow2103
Shale, silty, gray, fairly soft1104
Shale, fine, sandy, yellow brown6110

22. Log of well (18) of Chas. Herrman, in the SW corner sec. 25, T. 25 S., R. 21 W. (Authority, owner, from memory.) Thickness
Ogallala formation
Clay, reddish; encountered small amount of water in dark brown to gray sandy material at 90 feet8790
Graneros shale
Shale, soft, rubbery, black15105
Dakota formation
Sandrock, soft, white, water-bearing25130

23. Log of well (22) of Leo R. Krumrey, in the NW NE sec. 35, T. 25 S., R. 21 W. (Authority, owner.) Thickness
Ogallala formation
Clay, brown; contains white limy pebbles; trace of water at 40 feet3740
Rock, gray to brown, in layers2565
Dakota formation
Shale, bluish-gray changing to red and to yellow2085
Sandstone, soft, reddish-brown; some water at 87 feet287
Shale, bluish-gray and yellow to black63150
Sandstone, reddish-brown; considerable water5155

24. Log of well (25) of C. K. Thomas, in the NW NW sec. 2, T. 25 S., R. 22 W. (Authority, owner, from memory.) Thickness
Ogallala formation
Clay, brown, contains white limy pebbles3540
Graneros shale (?)
Shale, blue646
Dakota formation (?)
Sand, rock and gravel; (first water at 46 feet)1763
Shale, bluish-black, yellow, varicolored2285
Sandrock, bluish-gray186
Shale, bluish-black1399
Shale, bluish-black27127
Sandrock, fairly hard, grayish-white; some water6133
Shale, bluish-black20153

25. Log of well (34) of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway at Spearville, in the NE NE sec. 29, T. 25 S., R. 22 W. Surface altitude, 2,459 feet. (Authority, A.M. Truman, division engineer, Dodge City.) Thickness
Ogallala formation
Soil, black88
Clay, brown1422
Rock, "gyp," white (normal water level, 86 feet)7294
Sand, water, coarse (water)9103
Clay, sandy, yellow5108
Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Dakota formations, undifferentiated
Shale, sticky, black6114
Shale, sticky, light blue30144
Clay, light blue22166
Sand, fine, gray (little water)3169
Gravel, coarse, (little water; water raised to 103 feet; tested 5 gallons a minute)4173
Clay, dark blue13186
Not described35221
Clay, light blue10231
Shale, sticky, black10241
Clay, sandy, light gray21262
Sandrock, soft, gray (little water, salty)5267
Clay, dark blue23290
Clay, variegated5295
Clay, dark blue13308
Clay, sticky, red7315
Clay, variegated26341
Sandrock, light gray (no water)8349
Shale, dark blue40389

26. Log of city well (35) at Spearville, in the NE NE sec. 29, T. 25 S., R. 22 W. (Authority, John Dortch, city water superintendent.) Thickness
Ogallala formation
"Magnesia" and sand (water level at 85.5 feet)785
Sand, coarse694
Graneros shale (?)
"Soapstone" and shale8104

27. Partial log of oil test on the H. Henthorn farm, in the middle of the NW sec. 21, T. 25 S., R. 24 W. Surface altitude, 2,502 feet. (Authority, driller's log.) Thickness
Ogallala formation
Gyp rock3850
Sand, water (water)366
Sand and gravel, water (water)590
Sand, water (water)2102
Pre-Tertiary beds
Shale, black18120
Shale, blue33153
Shale, brown26179
Shale, blue6185
Shale, white30215
Shale, brown12227

T. 25 S. || T. 26 S. || T. 27 S. || T. 28 S. || T. 29 and 30 S.

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