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Geohydrology of Ellsworth County

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History and purpose of the report

Geography and general features

History and culture

Previous geologic investigations

Methods of investigation

Well-numbering system


Stratigraphy of Subsurface Rocks

Stratigraphy of Outcropping Rocks

Permian System--Lower Permian Series--Cimarronian Stage

Sumner Group

Ninnescah Shale

Ninnescah Shale--Kiowa Formation contact

Cretaceous System--Lower and Upper Cretaceous Series

Placement of Lower Cretaceous-Upper Cretaceous boundary

Kiowa Formation

Kiowa Formation-Dakota Formation contact

Dakota Formation

Terra Cotta Clay Member

Janssen Clay Member

Dakota Formation-Graneros Shale contact

Cretaceous System-Upper Cretaceous Series

Colorado Group

Graneros Shale

Graneros Shale-Greenhorn Limestone contact

Greenhorn Limestone

Lincoln Limestone Member

Hartland Shale Member

Jetmore Chalk Member

Pfeifer Shale Member

Carlile Shale

Fairport Chalk Member

Tertiary System-Pliocene Series

Ogallala Formation

Quaternary System-Pleistocene Series

Nebraskan and Aftonian Stages

Holdrege and Fullerton Formations

Kansan and Yarmouthian Stages

Grand Island and Sappa Formations

Illinoisan and Sangamonian Stages

Crete Formation

Loveland Formation

Wisconsinan Stage

Fluvial deposits

Peoria Formation

Recent Stage

Geologic Structure

Ground-water Resources

Principles of occurrence

The water table

Recharge and discharge

Quality of water

Chemical constituents in relation to use

Sanitary conditions

Availability of ground water

Ninnescah Shale

Kiowa Formation

Dakota Formation

Graneros Shale

Greenhorn Limestone

Carlile Shale

Pliocene and Pleistocene deposits


Domestic and stock supplies

Public supplies

Industrial supplies

Irrigation supplies

Mineral Resources

Oil and gas


Ceramic materials


Sand and gravel




Volcanic ash

Records of Wells and Springs

Logs of Test Holes

Stratigraphic Sections



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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web Sept. 18, 2008; originally published March 1971.
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