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Perspective on Energy

A dependable, economical, and environmentally sound global energy supply is fundamental to a viable society. Research and development in energy supply and consumption are essential to meet growing demands of an increasing population and standard of living. Kansas continues to provide a stable domestic source of oil and natural gas with a promising future as new recovery options are exercised. The growth of Kansas’ energy portfolio and output can be addressed through essentially untapped opportunities in alternative energy. Value-added strategies in energy production, such as linked-energy systems and co-generation and gains in efficient energy extraction and consumption will boost Kansas' economic health in times of high energy prices. Research, development, and technology transfer efforts representing a broad spectrum of energy programs at the University of Kansas increasingly serve to address national and state needs in energy. Support for interdisciplinary R&D projects in energy such as those facilitated by the ERC, coupled by implementation of new policies such as those recommended by the Kansas Energy Council (www.kansasenergy.org/) can help Kansas retain its status at a net energy producer.


  1. Support development of innovative research in fossil, unconventional, alternative, and basic energy research, and energy conservation at KU.
  2. Facilitate partnering with private sector and other research organizations.
  3. Provide clearinghouse of capabilities in energy research at KU.
  4. Support technology transfer and office activities for contracts that are run through the center.

News and Information

Capabilities in Energy Research at the University of Kansas (pdf format)

Alternative Energy - What's developing in the Wings? by W. Lynn Watney, Kansas Geological Survey, KU Energy Research Center 10.5mb PDF | 6mb PDF (can be view with either Adobe Reader 6 or 7)

Energy Costs and Conservation by Ken Stalder, Kansas Geological Survey (pdf format - 1.9mb)


For inquiries in energy research at KU please refer to the KU Energy Council http://cpe.engr.ku.edu/energy
Dr Laurence Weatherley, Council Chair, lweathers@ku.edu

Last Modified January 2008