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Energy Research Development Grants
Spring 2007

No New Solicitations

2005 marked the 10th anniversary that the KU Energy Research Center has offered funds to KU staff or faculty through the Energy Research Development Fund. Funded projects are listed separately (http://www.kgs.ku.edu/ERC/awards.html). A call for proposals is usually offered by KU ERC early in each calendar year. Funds can be used to develop and expand energy-related research and technology transfer activities in:

  • Energy Supply (conventional, alternative, and renewable)
  • Energy Consumption (efficiency and conservation)
  • Basic Energy Research (physics and chemistry)

Normal funding levels average $7k. Historical funding levels range between $2-$12k. Faculty summer salary has not been funded in the past. Reviewers will entertain matching funds and other cost-share arrangements. Goal is to leverage ERC funds obtained through returned overhead to stimulate new research activities and develop innovative ideas so as to strengthen proposals for external funding. (See Policy statement)

In 2006, ERC reached a total of 35 projects have been funded by seed funds totaling $220,133. Also, over $3 million has been awarded by external funding sources in support of projects that were originally established through the use of ERC seed funds. This represents a leveraging of seed funds by 14x. Over $21 million in 60 successful grants and contracts have been submitted through the ERC since its inception in 1991.

A diverse portfolio of 25 active externally-funded projects involves 11 in fossil energy and 14 in alternative energy, including fuels cells and carbon sequestration.

Types of Proposals Supported:

  1. Seed funds to support development of new ideas and programs.
  2. Assist with travel expenses focused on program development and exploratory research.
  3. Provide limited required matching funds on external grants with indirect costs and other opportunities such as GRF (with this solicitation or as opportunities develop).

How to Apply for Funds:

  • Option 1 Seed funds - Brief proposal up to five pages in length describing goals and objective of research, potential innovations, and relation to current applicants energy-related program. Simple budget including amount requested and itemization of requested support. Statements about how research will aid in acquisition of external funding and summary of research in last five years. In addition to above, a copy of abbreviated (2-page) vita/resume.
  • Option 2 Travel and Matching Funds - Can be applied for as needed.

Ingredients for a successful proposal: Problem clearly stated, creative and innovative approach, expressed goal to develop externally-funded project, clearly stipulated how funds will be used.

Who Should Apply for Funding: KU staff or faculty conducting energy-related research anticipating that future energy-related proposals will be submitted through the KU ERC by designating KU ERC as administrative unit in your cover page. (Submittal of proposals through ERC will increase monies for additional development funds, but does not affect returned overhead to department or principal investigator.)

Where to Submit Applications: Please submit electronic copy as e-mail with attachments to:

Lynn Watney email: lwatney@kgs.ku.edu or deliver 3 copies by the KU ERC office:

Energy Research Center
1930 Constant Avenue
Campus West
108 Parker Hall
ph: 864-4445 fax: 864-5053

For more information:
Lynn Watney ph: 4-2184, email: lwatney@kgs.ku.edu or
Melanie Cromwell ph. 4-4445, mcromwell@kgs.ku.edu

Funding Decision: Determined by subcommittee of ERC Campus Advisory Board and external reviewers, as needed. Information on previous funding at ERC http://www.kgs.ku.edu/ERC/awards.html

Seed Brochure 2006 (pdf format)

Last Modified August 2006