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Technology Transfer

Kansas Technology Transfer Model

Technology transfer is a contribution of KU ERC that transcends all of its programs. The goal of a contract awarded to KU ERC by the U.S. Department of Energy in August 1992 was to develop a Kansas Technology Transfer Model (KTTM), which would provide impetus for the petroleum industry to increase efficiency and productivity of domestic petroleum production. USDOE extended the model nationally in the formulation of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) including the local North Midcontinent Region PTTC program (www.nmcpttc.org/) operated through the KU ERC.

Specific program goals accomplished by the KTTM include:

  • Increase collaboration between participants on and off campus to develop interdisciplinary team. Extend campus activities to an integrated off campus structure by developing partnerships with operating companies, consultants, service companies, and professional societies.
  • Elevate the awareness of technologies that have demonstrated or indicated potential for improving oil and gas recovery.
  • Facilitate and accelerate the technology transfer process by maintaining focus and awareness on needs and issues.
  • Establish an energy research and technology transfer infrastructure to support joint studies between collaborating scientists and engineers on campus and counterparts in industry and professional societies. A goal is to eventually provide a centralized resource center and meeting facilities.

The PTTC is accomplishing its goal to help U.S. independent oil and gas producers make timely, informed technology decisions, www.nmcpttc.org/aboutPTTC.html. The opportunity to access remaining resources in marginal oil and gas producing areas such as Kansas and much of the lower 48 U.S. creates a timely opportunity to introduce new technologies to extend the life of these producing properties and maintain local economies.

Last Modified February 2006