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NMC Anadarko Kansas Anadarko Province Summary Province Stratigraphy Region: Northern Midcontinent
State: all states

Anadarko Basin

Precambrian Basement Structure Map map legend

Exploration history of the province

Small Movie of Exploration History, (QuickTime, 98K)

Large Movie of Exploration History, (QuickTime, 304K)

Play List

Deep Structural Gas
Uppermost Arbuckle
Internally Sourced Arbuckle Oil and Gas
Wichita Mountains Uplift
Simpson Oil and Gas
Viola Oil and Gas
Hunton Stratigraphic-Unconformity Gas and Oil
Misener Oil
Woodford/Chattanooga/Arkansas Novaculite of Midcontinent
Deep Stratigraphic Gas
Lower Mississippian Stratigraphic Oil and Gas
Upper Mississippian Stratigraphic Gas and Oil
Springer Stratigraphic Gas and Oil
Morrow Sandstone Gas and Oil Stratigraphic
Atokan Sandstone Stratigraphic Gas
Atokan Limestone Stratigraphic Gas and Oil
Lower Desmoinesian Stratigraphic Gas and Oil
Upper Desmoinesian Oil and Gas
Lower Missourian Stratigraphic Oil and Gas
Upper Missourian Oil and Gas
Lower Virgilian Sandstone Gas and Oil
Upper Virgilian Stratigraphic Oil and Gas
Permian Carbonate Stratigraphic Gas
Permian Sandstone Oil and Gas


Rascoe, Bailey, Jr., and Adler, Frank J., 1983, Permo-Carboniferous Hydrocarbon Accumulations, Mid-Continent, U.S.A.: American Ascociation of Petroleum Geologists, Bulletin, vol. 67, no. 6, p. 979-1001

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Updated July 18, 1996
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