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This page presents help on navigating through the Digital Petroleum Atlas.

Top-level Navigation

top row of navigation buttons

These buttons are used to take the user to the main or top-level pages in the Digital Petroleum Atlas. From any page in the DPA, the user can move quickly to pages that can be considered starting points for the DPA. For example, the Site Map is a convenient place to move from one field to another or one county to another.

County Navigation

main county buttons Several counties have been analyzed in depth for the DPA. These buttons on the County pages allow the user to move through the different kinds of information found. The Yellow Button shows the user which part they are currently viewing.

For example, all of the geologic maps for a county will have a yellow "County Home" button. Clicking on that button will take you to the first geologic map page (if there is more than map page).

other county county buttons In this case the yellow button shows that the user is viewing the Gravity and Magnetic pages of the county. The user will be able to select a specific map using other navigation not shown here.

The "Plays and Fields" button presents a list of all the plays present in the county and the all the fields in that play. The "Production" button shows the annual oil and gas production for the county of interest.

Field Navigation

overview of field page

This is an overview of the navigation for all the fields analyzed in the DPA. At the top is the row of red Top-Level buttons to move from one main area to another. At the left is a set of blue or yellow buttons that describe the topics covered for each field. Some pages have buttons one the right side that lead the user though the topic (for example, from one geologic map to another).

topic buttons for each field Topic Buttons

The information for each oil and gas field has been split into several topics. The "General" pages describe the exploration history, production, engineering parameters, and other general information. The "Geology" pages show a series of structure and isopach maps for the field.

The "Geophysics" pages have gravity and magnetics maps, pseudo-seismic data, and other geophysical data. The "Reservoir" pages have production pages, core analyses and photos, and petrophysical analysis plots. The "Wells" area has pages for every well in the field. Well and lease production, digital well logs, completion forms, and other well-specific info can be found there.

text navigation for fields Text Links to Regional Info

In the center of each Field Navigation area is a set of text links. Clicking on the Field Name will take the user to the starting page for that field. The user can also move to pages concerning regional data. Play, Basin, and Counties information is found using the text links.

local navigation buttons Local Buttons

For some Topics, the information will be split into a series of pages. Local Buttons can be used to move from page to page. For example, each field has several geology pages showing structure and isopach maps. The user can move from one horizon to the next using the orange local buttons.

Some of the fields have a "Field Site Map" to assist in navigation. It is similar to the full DPA Site Map except the scope is limited to the field in question.

Other Navigation

stratigraphic charts On county and field geology pages, you will find a stratigraphic chart. The chart is used primarily to show the user what stratigraphic horizon is being mapped. However, it is also a navigation tool. Clicking on a Blue circle or text link will take the user to a new structure map, cross section, or isopach map.
closed play list On Play lists, clicking on a Plus will show more information, while clicking on a Minus will show less information. open play list

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