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Mississippian System

Mississippian Distribution

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Madison (Mississippian) Williston Basin
Bakken Fairway Williston Basin
Bakken Intermediate Williston Basin
Bakken Outlying Williston Basin
Truncated Paleozoic Sioux Arch
Mississippian Carbonate Las Animas Arch
Mississippian and Devonian Cambridge Arch - Central Ks Uplift
Mississippian Salina Basin
Mississippian Nemaha Uplift
Mississippian Forest City Basin
Central Basin Forest City Basin
Upper Mississippian Gas and Oil Anadarko Basin
Lower Mississippian Oil and Gas Anadarko Basin
Mississippian Combination Traps Sedgwick Basin
Lower Paleozoic Combination Traps Sedgwick Basin
Mississippian Cherokee Platform
Central Basin Cherokee Platform

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