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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2015-32

Step-Rate Test in the Mississippian Reservoir in the Wellington Field

by Mina Fazelalavi

KGS Open File Report 2015-32
Oct. 2015


Step-rate and interference tests were performed in the Mississippian reservoir in the Wellington field. Water was injected at different rates in the injector well (2-32) and pressure responses were measured in well 2-32 and the observation wells (wells 55, 53, 62, and 61).

Step-rate test analysis can provide permeability, skin(s), reservoir pressure, fracture pressure, and closure pressure (minimum stress) and detection of any induced or natural fractures. Interference test analysis can provide inter-well permeability and detection of any fault, fracture, and discontinuity. This report contains the step-rate test analysis only. The interference test data could not be analyzed because the static bottomhole pressures of the observation wells were changing due to the surrounding production and injection wells, which were not shut-in during the test. Interpretation of the interference test would give inferior results.

The report is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

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Kansas Geological Survey
Placed online Oct. 29, 2015
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