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Spring 2000

Atchison County Landslide Map
A new map showing the location of landslides in Atchison County is now available from the Kansas Geological Survey. Compiled by Survey geologist Gregory C. Ohlmacher, the map is part of a larger project to inventory and describe geologic hazards in northeastern Kansas.

The map shows the location of recent landslides, older landslides, and rock-fall hazards in Atchison County. This information can be used by city planners and engineers, public works officials, and anyone interested in building on a particular piece of property.

Landslide Inventory Map of the Atchison West and East 7.5-minute Quadrangles, Atchison County, Kansas, is drawn at a scale of 1:36,000 (one inch on the map equals just over one-half mile). Copies of the new map, produced in full-color, are available from the KGS for $15.00, plus tax, shipping, and handling.

Wilson County Geologic Map
A new geologic map of Wilson County, showing the age and type of rocks at the earth’s surface, was recently released by the KGS. Because geologic maps show the rock formations likely to be encountered at a particular location, they are useful in construction, in understanding soils and agriculture, in searching for water and mineral deposits, and in a variety of engineering and environmental uses.

The Wilson County geologic map, compiled by retired U.S. Geological Survey geologist Holly C. Wagner, is part of a Survey program to produce new geologic maps of counties in the state.

The map, produced in full color, is drawn at a scale of 1:50,000 (one inch on the map equals about 3/4 mile). Copies of the new map are available from the KGS. The cost is $15.00, plus tax, shipping, and handling.




Segment of Landslide Inventory Map.

The Survey’s home page ( was redesigned early in the year 2000. Over the past few months, a number of the Survey’s water and petroleum online data bases were enhanced.

The most popular data base on the Survey’s web site displays oil and gas production data. This site includes a map showing the fields in each county. For each field, information available includes a list of leases, production (both annual and cumulative), number of wells, depth, producing horizon, and other data. Work is underway to make monthly production data available by field or by lease. The address is

The Survey’s master list of oil and gas wells includes information on 431,000 wells in the state. For each well, the data base shows location, operator, completion information, total depth, and other data. If core or cuttings for a well are available from the Survey, that information is displayed. For some wells, header data from wireline logs or digital versions of the logs themselves are also available. The data base can currently be searched by legal description or county, but work is underway to make the data base searchable by lease, operator, or API number. The address is

The Survey’s water-well data base includes information for nearly 130,000 wells in the state. For each well, the data base shows location, owner, well use, completion data, well depth, water depth, and other information. This data base can be searched by legal description or county at

Each year the Survey and the Division of Water Resources of the Kansas Department of Agriculture measure water levels in about 1,500 wells in central and western Kansas. For each well, current water levels along with historic measurements are available. The data base also includes information on a number of other wells that are not part of the measurement program. The data base can be searched by legal description, county, or groundwater management district at


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