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Stratigraphy of the Marmaton Group, Pennsylvanian, in Kansas

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Purpose and scope of the investigation

Previous work


General Considerations of the Marmaton Rocks in Kansas

Sequence of Strata and Disconformities in the Older Pennsylvanian Section in Oklahoma and Kansas

Disconformity at the base of Pennsylvanian rocks

Pennsylvanian rocks older than the Desmoinesian

Desmoinesian series

Cherokee shale

Marmaton group

Disconformity between Desmoinesian and Missourian rocks

Stratigraphy of the Marmaton Group in Kansas

Fort Scott limestone

Blackjack Creek limestone member

Little Osage shale member

Higginsville limestone member

Labette shale

Pawnee limestone

Anna shale member

Myrick Station limestone member

Mine Creek shale member

Laberdie limestone member

Bandera shale

Altamont limestone

Tina limestone member

Lake Neosho shale member

Worland limestone member

Nowata shale

Lenapah limestone

Norfleet limestone member

Perry Farm shale member

Idenbro limestone member

Memorial shale

Cyclic Deposits

General review of present concepts of cyclic deposition

Evidence of cyclic sedimentation in Marmaton rocks

The Fort Scott megacyclothem

The Pawnee megacyclothem

The Altamont megacyclothem

The Lenapah megacyclothem

Stratigraphic sections in Linn County, Kansas

Detailed Stratigraphic Sections

Stratigraphic sections in Bourbon County, Kansas

Stratigraphic sections in Crawford County, Kansas

Stratigraphic sections in Neosho County, Kansas

Stratigraphic sections in Labette County, Kansas

Stratigraphic sections in Montgomery County, Kansas

Stratigraphic sections in Missouri

Stratigraphic sections in Oklahoma



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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web Feb. 2, 2010; originally published April 1945.
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