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Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin 223, part 1, originally published in 1981
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Appendix B

Generalized Sections at the Drill Locations

Constructed on the basis of descriptions of the cuttings. The sections also show the oxidation state of the rock and the intervals that contain copper mineralization.

meaning of symbols used to describe rock types and mineralization

Drill Site 1

Drill Site 2

Drill Site 3

Drill Site 4

Drill Site 5

Drill Site 6

Drill Site 7

Drill Site 8

Drill Site 9

Drill Site 10

Drill Site 11

Drill Site 12

Drill Site 13

Drill Site 14

Drill Site 15

Drill Site 16

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Kansas Geological Survey, Stratigraphy of Copper Sulfides, Lower Permian Redbeds, South-Central Kansas
Placed on web May 18, 2010; originally published in Oct. 1981.
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