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Figure 2

Figure 2--Series of hypothetical cross sections illustrating successive steps in development of Plattsburg bank in eastern portion of Neodesha-Fredonia area. Length of sections approximately 15 miles. Note large vertical exaggeration. A. Deposition of Merriam Limestone member. B. Deposition of Hickory Creek Shale member and lower part of fragment-pellet limestone subdivision of Spring Hill member. No sharp division between Hickory Creek Shale and Spring Hill Limestone members can be made, because beds of each member interfinger with the other. Overlapping dipping beds interpreted to have formed on sloping sides of irregularly lobate bank, creating opposing dips. C. Deposition of rest of fragment-pellet limestone and lower part of crystalline limestone subdivision of Spring Hill member. Vilas Shale interpreted as deposited adjacent to bank at greater depth, interfingering with Spring Hill member. D. Deposition of rest of crystalline limestone subdivision and lower part of calcarenite subdivision. Additional deposits of Vilas Shale encroach upon sloping sides of bank. E. Deposition of uppermost calcarenite beds and encroachment of Vilas Shale over bank.

Five cross sections showing development of Plattsburg bank

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Kansas Geological Survey, Marine Bank Development in Plattsburg Limestone
Placed on web Feb. 23, 2009; originally published in Dec. 1959.
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