Field Development and Renewed Reservoir Characterization for CO2 Flooding of the Hall-Gurney Field, Central Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2001-38

Miscible CO2 Flood Demonstration Project
Carter-Colliver Leases, Hall-Gurney Field
Russell County, Kansas

Plans are to begin injection of CO2 into the Plattsburg Limestone in 2002 in the forty to sixty acre pilot project in central Kansas. Final reservoir simulation, well testing, drilling an additional injection well, wellbore upgrades, installation of surface facilities and repressuring the reservoir will be the sequence of activities prior to CO2 injection. It is estimated that it will take three to six years of injection for 0.4 hydrocarbon pore volume (0.8 BCF) of CO2 to be injected. The CO2 injection will be followed by a post-CO2 waterflood. Oil recovery is expected to be 60 to 120 thousand barrels of oil.

The purpose of the demonstration is to determine the technical and economic feasibility of using CO2 miscible flooding to recover residual and bypassed oil in the L-KC in central Kansas, to develop reservoir data for the L-KC to facilitate future commercial CO2 floods, and to gain an understanding of the operations and costs involved in implementing a CO2 flood. There have been no miscible CO2 floods in Kansas primarily due to the distance to the sources for CO2. In recent years a pipeline with a terminus at Guymon Oklahoma, has brought CO2 within 200 miles of central Kansas. A successful pilot project would provide encouragement for an extension of this pipeline for commercial CO2 flood operations.

The project is an industry government consortium with industry partners being MV Energy, LLC, the lease owner and operator, Kinder-Morgan CO2 Company, L.P., and ICM, Inc. Government partners are the U.S. Department of Energy, the University of Kansas (Kansas Geological Survey, KGS, and Tertiary Oil Recovery Project, TORP), and the State of Kansas (Dept. of Commerce).

Colliver and Carter Lease Production

Two to two and a half million barrels of oil were produced from the L-KC, mostly from the Plattsburg Limestone (“C” zone) on the 440 acre Colliver and Carter leases. Waterflood operations recovered more than 100% of primary production of the 38 degree API gravity oil from the solution gas drive reservoir.

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