Field Development and Renewed Reservoir Characterization for CO2 Flooding of the Hall-Gurney Field, Central Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2001-38

Archie Cementation Exponent

Oomoldic limestones from Kansas and globally exhibit extremely high Archie cementation exponents. This is consistent with the interpretation that the oomoldic pores are similar to micro-vugs. Modified Archie parameters for the Carter-Colliver Lease rocks are:

m=1.36, a=9.59

Conversely, if m is considered to change with porosity then m can be predicted for the higher porosity rocks using:

m = 0.05*Porosity(%) + 1.9

These trends are similar for the deeper L-KC ‘G” zone. Cementation exponents are near 2.0 in the bioclatic wackestone overlying the ‘C’ zone. Cementation exponents increase into the top of the ‘C’ and then decrease with increasing depth to the base. This is associated with the higher porosity at the top of the ‘C’ zone but may also be influenced by pore structure changes associated with the unconformity surface at the top of the zone.

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Last updated December 2001