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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2010-15

Communications from Individuals Regarding Their Role in the History of the Coalbed Natural Gas Play in Eastern Kansas, circa 1990 to 2010

K. David Newell

KGS Open File Report 2010-15
Nov. 2010


In 2010, K. David Newell (Kansas Geological Survey geologist) and Rolland L. Yoakum (consulting geologist, Liberty, MO) discussed geological, engineering, and drilling aspects of the coalbed natural gas play in eastern Kansas in an in-press publication:

Newell, K.D., and Yoakum, R.L., in press, Kansas Coalbed Methane Play, in Merriam, D.F. (ed.), New Plays and Ways: Kansas Geological Society (Wichita, KS), Kansas Oil and Gas Fields, v. VI.

CBM (i.e., coalbed methane, also known as coalbed natural gas) was intensively developed in eastern Kansas in the last decade of the 20th Century and the first decade of the 21st Century. Part of the above article consisted of a discussion of the long history of the play. For background information to this history, several individuals that were responsible for the development of this important gas play were contacted by the primary author, K.D. Newell. The replies by these individuals intrinsically compose a body of knowledge and experience that should not be lost to posterity and any future historians interested in the development of energy resources in the Mid-Continent. These primary data sources are therefore presented in this open-file report. All six individuals consented verbally or by email to the inclusion of their information in this summary document.

Several individuals were consulted. In alphabetical order, they are: Brian Cardott (Oklahoma Geological Survey, Norman, OK), Douglas Lamb (SEK Energy, Benedict, KS), Tom O'Neill (Dart Energy, Kingsport, TN), Jack Overstreet (Legacy International Group, Denver, CO), Ina Stoeckinger (widow of Bill Stoeckinger, consulting geologist, Tulsa, OK), and Larry Weis (consulting geologist, Denver, CO). Their communications were from emails, or documents attached to these emails. These electronic communications were sometimes supplemented, followed on, or preceded by telephone discussions with the author. Their emails and attached documents are listed in appendices that are in alphabetical order according to their last name. Within each appendix, emails or documents are presented chronologically.

The complete report is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

KGS_OFR_2010-15.pdf (760 kB)

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