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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2008-27

Analysis of Cherokee Group Cuttings Samples for Gas Content
KLM Exploration #7 Dunn,
NW SE SE sec. 33, T. 8 S., R.20 E., Montgomery County, Kansas

K. David Newell

KGS Open File Report 2008-27
January 2009

Three cuttings samples from the Pennsylvanian Cherokee Group were collected from the KLM Exploration #7 Dunn well, NW SE SE sec. 33, T. 8 S., R.20 E., Jefferson County, KS. The samples calculate as having the following gas contents:

1098' to 1099' Bevier coal
38 scf/ton
1425' to 1426' Rowe coal
152 scf/ton
1449' to 1450' ? coal
74 scf/ton

The KLM Exploration #7 Dunn well, NW SE SE sec. 33-T.8S.-R.20E. in Jefferson County was selected for cuttings desorption tests in association with an on-going coalbed gas research project at the Kansas Geological Survey. The samples were gathered September 22, 2004 by K. David Newell of the Kansas Geological Survey, with assistance of Stephen J. Miller (consultant to KLM Exploration). Samples were obtained during normal drilling of the well, with no cessation of drilling before zones of interest (i.e., coals and dark shales in the Cherokee Group) were penetrated. The well was drilled using a mud rotary rig owned by KAN-DRILL, Inc.

The samples were canistered, with surface time and canistering times noted. Lag times for samples to reach the surface (important for assessing lost gas) were determined by using a rule-of-thumb up-hole velocity of 100' per minute.

Bevier coal
276 grams dry wt.
Rowe coal
266 grams dry wt.
? coal
188 grams dry wt.

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Updated January 2009
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