Statistically-based Lithofacies Predictions for 3-D Reservoir Modeling:An Example from the Panoma (Council Grove) Field,Hugoton Embayment,Southwest Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-30

Lithofacies Model

  1. "Upscale" the "lith-code" curves for each of wells having logs used in facies predictions.
  2. Populate cells at the wells with upscaled lithofacies.
  3. Model cells between wells for lithofacies (Sequential Gaussian). A constant average curve was fitted creating a constant distribution (from "lith-code" curves) equal to the average probability of that facies.

QC facies modeling by comparing values that are assigned for the cells at the well to what is being modeled beyond the well bore.

Biasing Lithofacies Geometry

Model facies using different biasing parameters based on geologic understanding of field. Examples include “non-biased” using a spherical range of 100,000' x 100,000', slightly biased (2:1 ratio to NE-SW), heavily biased to NE-SW, and bias based on mapped regional facies distribution patterns.

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Last updated May 2003