Reservoir Characterization of Mississippian St. Louis Carbonate Reservoir Systems in Kansas, Stratigraphic and Facies Architecture Modeling

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-27

Lithofacies Petrophysics

Porosity distribution of facies 5 (reservoir facies) ranges from more than 3% to around 20%. The main porosity type is primary inter-granular porosity. The porosity of other facies (non-reservoir facies) is mainly less than 3%. This figure shows an exponential relationship between core porosity and core permeability.
Based on limited available data, a linear relationship exists between the horizontal permeability and 90 degree horizontal permeability in the reservoir facies--ooid skeletal grainstone. It indicates the lateral connectivity within oolite shoals are good, whereas the vertical connectivity varies depending on the degrees of cementation among layers with more elongate skeletal particles.

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Last updated May 2003