Paleotopography and Sea-Level Controls on Facies and Thickness Variability of Transgressive Limestones: Upper Pennsylvanian Merriam Limestone, NE Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-26


The Merriam Limestone thickens significantly (up to 6X) in filling of large-scale channels eroded into the underlying Bonner Springs Shale. The interaction of deposition over variable paleotopography and the overall transgression caused some potential reservoir facies (coated-grain grainstones and sandy, skeletal packstones) to be isolated in paleo-lows (channels). Complex bedding geometries (truncation and draping in large-scale channels; truncation, thinning and convergence, lap-out, and overlap in small-scale channels), and association of reservoir and non-reservoir facies could lead to significant heterogeneities in these thickenned areas. Other transgressive units in Midcontinent cyclothems may show similar characteristics as a result of deposition over variable paleotopography.

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