Paleotopography and Sea-Level Controls on Facies and Thickness Variability of Transgressive Limestones: Upper Pennsylvanian Merriam Limestone, NE Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-26

Future Work

This study will also investigate the utility of GPR (ground-penetrating radar) in imaging of channel forms and internal geometries of Merriam Strata. Outcrop and GPR data could aid in developing 3D models of these channels in transgressive limestones, which could be potential reservoirs in the subsurface (see diagrams below).

Potential reservoir model for Merriam channels R= reservoir facies; NR= non-reservoir facies

Central Kansas Oil Production

Kansas Total 6.6 Billion

Central Kansas Uplift Total 2.4 Billion

Map of Kansas hydrocarbon production. Pie graph shows contribution of the Lansing and Kansas City Groups (L-KC) in the Central Kansas Uplift area.

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