Depositional Model and Exploration Potential in the St. Louis Carbonates Beneath the Hugoton Field of Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-8

Regional Structural Features of the Hugoton Study Area

The dip-slope illustrates where the structural dip is the steepest. The dip trends indicate that an orthogonal system of lineaments are present. These lineaments typically represent fracture zones within the Precambrian basement (Maughan, 1986). These series of lineaments likely underlie most of North America and similar fracture systems are generally characteristic of all continental plates. Recurrent movement has been shown or inferred to have occurred along many of these Precambrian lineaments (Maughan, 1986). These major North American continental lineaments occur as orthogonal sets that trend roughly northeast and northwest. A secondary orthogonal set of lessor importance trends roughly north-south and east-west. Motion of the lineaments would be expected from major tectonic events that have resulted in collisions of continents and plate motions. The post-Mississippian structures in western Kansas have fault patterns that trend roughly the same as the expected Precambrian continental lineaments. These western Kansas structures are likely associated with these Precambrian lineaments and responded to crustal stresses primarily during the Wichita-Amarillo Orogeny.

Dip Slope Map
Winfield Structure

Dip Slope Map
Meramec Structure

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